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Mexican Taekwondo League makes its debut

The First Mexican Taekwondo League successfully took place last Saturday, July 9, at the Olympic Gymnasium ‘Juan de la Barrera’, where competitors from Puebla faced and defeated the team from Federal District with a score of 3 to 2.

Juan Manuel López Delgado, President of the Mexican Federation of Taekwondo, was the one to make the speech at the opening ceremony of this event, which counted with the participation of Dr. Manuel Mondragón y Kalp, Public Security Secretary of the Government of Federal District of Mexico, as well as Professor Dai Woon Mon, President of the Mexican Taekwondo League.

The Mexican Taekwondo League had the opportunity of gathering outstanding nationally selected athletes, who competed in two categories.

In the first match of the Feather category, René Lizárraga, representing Federal District, defeated Abel Mendoza, representing Puebla and also a nationally selected athlete, in a relatively easy match with a score of 16 to 10.

The other highlight of the night was the fight in the Fin category. Gustavo Villa, representing the State of Puebla, defeated Cesar Román Rodríguez, from Federal District, with a score of 20 to 10.

Before these matches, a new modality of combat was carried out. It was a type of relay game where one team fought the other disregarding the weight and height, and only separating the teams by age. In the cadet category, the team of Puebla beat Federal District by 30 to 22 points. In the junior category, the winners were Federal District with a score of 43 to 21 points, and in the senior category, the team from Puebla was victorious.

At the end of the competition, Juan Manuel López Delgado, President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation stated in an interview from the media that these kinds of events are important for the development and diffusion of the Mexican Taekwondo. He also added that these types of spectacles are beneficial to the nationally selected athletes because it gives them an opportunity to constantly fight and because these athletes get an important motivation when they get to be known by the public.

Last but not least, he added that the Mexican Taekwondo Federation will keep supporting the Mexican Taekwondo League.

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