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Mexico and Germany stand out at the Swiss Open

Mexico and Germany stand out at the Swiss Open

The National Teams of Mexico and Germany were the ones that stood out the most at the Swiss Open. The Mexicans finished first with two golds, two silvers and two bronzes as the Germans snatched two golds one silver and two bronzes.
The 2nd Swiss Open featured the four Olympic senior categories of both men and women, in which competed 305 athletes from 49 countries.
In the Male -58 kg, only the Swede Uno Sanli, with a bronze, could challenge the Mexican domination. Damián Villa got the gold, Irving Delgado the silver and Cesar Rodriguez the other bronze.
Germany’s Daniel Manz got the gold in the Male -68 kg, the silver went to Abel Mendoza of Mexico and France’s Rahiau Chin and Samuel Morrison of the Philippines snatched both of the bronzes.
Another German, Tahir Guelec, won the -80kg category, as he beat Spain’s Raúl Martínez in the final bout. Aaron Cook of Isle of Man, the main favorite, and Germany’s Alexander Bachmann got the two bronzes.
The +80 category was dominated by Kristopher Uy of the Philippines, as the German Volker Wodzich was second and the bronzes were for Nigeria’s Uche Chukwumerije and Jaesung Lee of Qatar.
In the Female -49 kg, Lucija Zaninovic of Croatia stays on a roll and repeats success one week after brushing aside all of her rivals at the Austrian Open.  The -49kg bronze medalist at the Olympics had to beat China’s Liping Liu in a tight final clash. Peru’s Julissa Diez and Abigail Chal of the Philippines took the bronzes.
In the -57 kg category, Turkey’s Fatma Saridogan beats the Spaniard Marta Calvo as the Swede Nikita Glasnovic and Croatia’s Martina Zubcic, bronze in Beijing 2008, earned the lower step of the podium.
The Olympian Elin Johansson won the -67 kg category. The Swedish athlete had to defeat Hua Zhang of China in the final bout and Germany’s Rabia Guelec and Marina Sumic of Croatia got the bronzes.
The +67kg category was dominated by mexico’s Briseida Acosta. Edines Kurtovic of Austria was her rival in the final bout. María Espinoza, also from Mexico, and Reshmie Oogink of the Nederlands took both bronzes.
Complete results:
Seniors Male A -58
1 Villa Valadez, Damian Alejandro (MEX)
2 Delgado Avila, Irving Armando (MEX)
3 Sanli, Uno (Swe)
3 Rodriguez Hernandez, Cesar Roman (MEX)
Seniors Male A -68
1 Manz, Daniel (GER)
2 Mendoza Mora, Abel Jesus (MEX)
3 Chin, Raihau (FRA)
3 Morrison, Samuel Thomas Harper (PHI)
Seniors Male A -80
1 Guelec, Tahir (GER)
2 Martinez, Raul (ESP)
3 Cook, Aaron (IMN)
3 Bachmann, Alexander (GER)
Seniors Male A +80
1 Uy, Kristopher Robert (PHI)
2 Wodzich, Volker (GER)
3 Chukwumerije, Uche (NGR)
3 Lee, Jaesung (QAT)
Seniors Female A -49
1 Zaninovic, Lucija (CRO)
2 Liu, Liping (CHN)
3 Diez Canseco Verde, Julissa (PER)
3 Cham, Nicole Abigail (PHI)
Seniors Female A -57
1 Saridogan, Fatma (TUR)
2 Calvo, Marta (ESP)
3 Glasnovic, Nikita (SWE)
3 Zubcic, Martina (CRO)
Seniors Female A -67
1 Johansson, Elin (SWE)
2 Zhang, Hua (CHN)
3 Guelec, Rabia (GER)
3 Sumic, Marina (CRO)
Seniors Female A +67
1 Acosta Balarezo, Briseida (MEX)
2 Kurtovic, Edines (AUT)
3 Espinoza Espinoza, Maria Del Rosario (MEX)
3 Oogink, Reshmie (NED)
Male Classification:
1- Germany National Team
2- National Team Mexico
3- Philippine Taekwondo Association
Female Classification:
1- Croatian National Team
2- Sweden National Team
3- National Team Mexico
Overall Team Classification:
1- National Team Mexico
2- Germany National Team
3- Philippine Taekwondo Association
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