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Mexico moves closer to organizing the World Team Cup and a Grand Prix in 2014

Mexico moves closer to organizing the World Team Cup and a Grand Prix in 2014

The brilliant results achieved by Mexican athletes in the last international events, as well as the big success in terms of organization of the Puebla 2013 World Taekwondo Championships, the Queretaro 2013 Pan American Open, the WTF General Assembly and some other national events, have placed the Mexican Taekwondo Federation in an exceptional position to be chosen as the organizer of the 2014 WTF World Team Cup and one of the editions of the Grand Prix during this year, with both events possibly being held in December.
At least, this is Mr Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado’s (President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation) view of the situation after receiving good news from some WTF high commands last Monday, where he was told Mexico has a 95% chance to organize both competitions.
“It’s just pending on the WTF to adjust its calendar so that the final date can be announced. For now, I can say that the possible dates are the 10th and 11th of December for the Grand Prix, and the 13th and 14th of the same month for the World Team Cup”, stated President Lopez Delgado.
Mr Lopez Delgado also commented that the WTF wants December 12th to be a day of break between both events, which could be used by the Mexican Federation to organize the dinner party of the Taekwondo worldwide, where the most relevant athletes and representatives of our sport would be awarded.
The President of the Mexican Federation added that the hosting cities for both events have not been chosen yet. The venues that have been rumoured so far are: the Queretaro Exhibition Center, the Mexico City Arena, the Olympic Sports Center of Aguascalientes and the Puebla Exhibition Center.
Source: Mexican Taekwondo Federation (FMTKD)

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