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"Mission through Taekwondo" -Mission Cup Taekwondo held in Korea

"Mission through Taekwondo" -Mission Cup Taekwondo held in Korea

The ‘2012 Mission Cup National Taekwondo Championship’ kicked off in Kukkiwon Korea on June 6th.
This is the 11th edition of the Mission Cup, hosted by the World Taekwondo Missionary Association (President Jae-Phil Yu), an organization that spreads Christianity through Taekwondo.
There are 1950 participants from different age groups in this competition, from young students to working adults, and even pastors and missionaries.
The competition is divided into poomsae, taekwon-gymnastics, kyok-pa, etc.
There are currently several organizations that spread Christianity through Taekwondo. The WTMA was established as a corporation in 2002 and has been an exemplary Taekwondo missionary association for 11 years, regularly hosting competitions at the national level.
One of the most attractive activities carried out by the WTMA is the ‘Saturday Judge’. This is a solution to the problems that Christian judges have for working on Sundays, for which the WTMA reached to an agreement with the Kukkiwon 16 years ago to allow judges to work on Saturdays 6 times per year.
The WTMA has branches in 32 countries around the world, including the U.S., Canada, France, China, and India. According to the WTMA, there are around 50 missionaries spread out in these countries.
In this edition, branch leaders and missionaries from countries such as Cambodia, Micronesia, Philippines, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Ghana, Uzbekistan, etc. gathered once again to encourage the participants and to exchange information about their missions.
Pastor Jae-Phil Yu, President of the WTMA said, “the WTMA is actively contributing to spreading Christianity through Taekwondo, a ‘tool’ that God has given us, and we are amazed by the outcomes” and pointed out that, “to increase the use of Taekwondo as a tool, the development of Taekwondo techniques, the promotion of our country, and diverse missionary activities have to go together hand in hand”.
WTMA Secretary General Hee-Do Kim said that, “The fact that Taekwondo is a wide spread sport, and thus contact with the upper class is relatively easy, is really helpful in carrying out missionary work through Taekwondo. Missionary activities through Taekwondo demonstrations have especially positive effects”. Kim is also leading the demonstration team of the WTMA.
Secretary General Kim said that the WTMA has plans for focusing on missionary activities in India and Central Asia and added that competitions like the Mission Cup shall be hosted also in other locations around the world at the regional level.[:]

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