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MNAs complain about the change to traditional protectors in Baku

The MNA’s national teams are expressing their discontent about the “2011 WTF World Qualification Tournament” for the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games.

The reason of this unrest is the unexpected decision of the World Taekwondo Federation (President Chungwon Choue) to use traditional protectors instead of PSS, announced only three days prior to the start of the Qualification Tournament.

The Tournament is to be held from the 30th of June till the 3rd of July in Baku, Azerbaijan and since it is an World Qualification Tournament for the Olympic Games, the PSS of the London Olympic Games were expected to be used.

But only three days before the event, the WTF announced the change to traditional protectors from the PSS.

The reason behind this drastic decision is that the PSS brand LaJust, displeased about not being designated as the Olympic PSS, filed a request of injunction to the Seoul Central District Court against the use of non-LaJUST PSS in this tournament and the court accepted this request.

The Olympic PSS brand Daedo had been selected to be used in this tournament before the court stated that if the WTF should not conform to the court’s decision and continue the tournament with Daedo PSS, the WTF would have to pay a fine of approximately $1000 per competition to LaJust. This tournament is programmed to hold about 330 competitions; hence, the estimated fine is roughly about $300,000.

The WTF followed the Court’s ruling and decided to use traditional protectors for this tournament.

Upon this decision, the National Teams were the most stunned, as they heard this news when they had already arrived at Baku and were getting ready for the competition, concentrating on the PSS – especially on the Olympic system, Daedo.

There is in fact a big difference in the training and the strategic details between traditional protector competitions and PSS competitions.

Now, there are also complaints about the referees, since they had also been concentrating on competitions held with PSS according to the current trend, therefore, lacking in recent experience in competitions with traditional protectors.

Some National Teams are expressing their discontent against LaJust’s actions that have clearly affected the Tournament and are even questioning the leadership of the WTF. 

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