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Moon-Jong Hong: “I will present a single candidacy with Choue”

Moon-Jong Hong: “I will present a single candidacy with Choue”

The Korean congressman Moon-Jong Hong, who declared his intention to run for WTF President at the elections which are to be held in Mexico next July, has expressed his plans to present a single candidacy with current WTF President Chung-Won Choue at a meeting with Korean Taekwondo journalists on March 25th.
When Hong refers to “single candidacy”, he means that he expects Dr. Choue to give away so that he would be the only Korean running for WTF President.
Hong said that he has known Dr. Choue for a long time already and that an agreement can be reached without any problem for the single candidacy.
Now the question is: who is Moon-Jong Hong?
The 57-year-old congressman owns a master degree from Stanford University and a pedagogy PhD degree from Harvard University.
Hong has several aspects in common with Dr. Choue. One of them is that both have been presidents of a university which was established by their own father (Dr. Choue: Kyunghee University, Hong: Kyungmin University). Hong is currently the chairman of the board at Kyungmin University.
Whereas Kyunghee University played an important role in the development of Taekwondo through the creation of a degree in Taekwondo, Kyungmin University has created a degree in Taekwondo Diplomacy.
Hong’s strongest point is that he has been an active congressman for the 3rd time and that he is one of the closest people to Korean President Geun-Hye Park. He is considered to have played a crucial role in Park’s electoral campaign and he is known to have excellent organizational skills.
On the other hand, Dr. Choue was very close to Jae-in Moon, Geun-Hye Park’s strongest rival during the last elections, and it is considered within the Taekwondo community that Moon’s support was crucial in Choue’s candidacy for WTF President 9 years ago, when Moon’s party was the ruling one at that time.
This means that it is not strange at all that the ruling party in Korea influences the candidacy for WTF President.
Nevertheless, the current atmosphere within the Taekwondo community does not favor Hong. The Korean sports community is generally against the involvement of politicians in the main sports organizations and Hong’s little connection with Taekwondo is being criticized as well.
Apparently, President Choue is already nervous about Hong’s candidacy: in case Hong confirms his candidacy, it is very probable that they will end up hurting each other.
Dr. Choue will be meeting Korean Taekwondo journalists next March 27th to talk about his thoughts on the elections.
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  1. Ed

    Does this Congressman really think he can just get Dr. Choue to walk away? Or will the politics of South Korea make sure Sr. Choue walks away?
    Why should the WTF switch the chief in the midst of such an important year?
    Korea has always controlled TKD in some measure from the very inception or roots, which go back to 1953-54. Many around the world are anxious to see how much Korean politics still infects their beloved martial art & sport. The South Korea of today is different than the way it was when it was struggling to become a democracy. But apparently they still will not let the WTF be a true independent AND international sports federation!


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