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More Changes in the Reorganization Within the Kukkiwon

On February 1st, the Kukkiwon carried out additional changes in personnel for the reorganization of its structure.  

After the meeting of the Board of Directors on January 19th, where the structure was reorganized to 1 bureau (Strategic Planning Bureau), 3 divisions (Operations Division, Executive Division, World Taekwondo Academy Division), 6 teams (Test and Evaluation, International Exchange Team, Human Resources and Treasury, Management Assistant Team, Academy Administration Team, Education Development Team) and 1 institute (Research Institute), the Kukkiwon started the selection process for the new positions.

Jong Kap Lee, head of the Planning and Public Relations team, was the appointed one to cover the most attractive position, Director of the Strategic Planning Bureau. The Strategic and Planning Bureau will focus on the vision of the organization and assistance to the board members. 

Sang Cheol Yoo, head of the Management Assistance Team, will lead the Opeations Division. This division will focus on national and international test evaluation as well as on overseas affairs.

Seong Hoon Lee, head of the former Strategy and Planning Division was appointed as the Director of the Executive Division, which will work for internal affairs through task support.

As for the World Taekwondo Academy Division, Dae Young Oh will stay in his position as Director. Such Division will focus on the revision and improvement of current education, training and other operations.

Won Sik Kang, President of the Kukkiwon said about this reorganization that “this time we have tried to avoid selecting the directors according to seniority, but have given an opportunity to the most competent members of our organization. The selection process was made in a way that it will enable the Kukkiwon improve its internal inefficiencies and carry out its role in a more active way.”

The follow-up actions after these appointments will be finalized within this week.

<Results in the changes in personnel>

* Operations Division Director: Sang Cheol Yoo (former Management Assistance Team Leader)
– Test and Evaluation Team Leader: Hyung Seon Lee (former Academy Administration Team Leader)
– International Exchange Team: Kwang Moon Ko (former Overseas Strategy Team Leader)

* Executive Division Director: Seong Hoon Oh (former Strategy and Planning Division)
– Human Resources and Treasury Team Leader: Sang Hwan Choi (former researcher at the Research Institute)
– General Affairs Administration Team Leader: Min Tae Kim (remains in office)

* World Taekwondo Academy Director :Dae Young Oh (remains in office)
– Academy Administration Team Leader: Man Kyu Bang (remains in office)
– Education Development Team Leader: Kyung Suk Lee (former Test and Evaluation Team Leader)

* Strategy Planning Bureau: Jong Kap Lee (former Planning and Public Relations Team)


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