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Muju 2017 WC – Day 7: Korea wins 5th gold to reign at home as China, Ivory Coast and Azerbaijan take 1st

Muju 2017 WC – Day 7: Korea wins 5th gold to reign at home as China, Ivory Coast and Azerbaijan take 1st

Korea collected its 5th title of the event as China, Ivory Coast and Azerbaijan grabbed its first gold at Muju 2017 final day of competition. Iran clinched two silvers, as Turkey and Russia climbed to the second step of the podium once. Sweden, Great Britain (3), Azerbaijan, Korea, Russia and Moldova were awarded with the last bronze medals of the event.
Korea finished on top of the medal count with 5 golds, 1 silver and 4 bronzes, followed by Turkey and Serbia with 2 titles. Russia, Great Briatin, Azerbaijan, China, Ivory Coast, Germany and Niger managed to get 1 gold medal.
Final Podiums
Women’s -57 kg
1 – Ah-reum Lee (KOR)
2 – Hatice Ilgun (TUR)
3 – Nikita Glasnovic (SWE)
3 – Jade Jones (GBR)

Women' -57 kg podium with Mr Bach and Dr Choue

Men’s -63 kg
1 – Shuai Zhao (CHN)
2 – Mirhashem Hosseini (IRI)
3 – Bradly Sinden (GBR)
3 – Mahammad Mammadov (AZE)

Men's -63 kg podium

Women’s -62 kg
1 – Ruth Gbagbi (CIV)
2 – Kimia Alizadeh (IRI)
3 – So-hee Kim (KOR)
3 – Tatiana Kuzmina (RUS)

Women's -62 kg podium

Men’s -80 kg
1 – Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE)
2 – Anton Kotkov (RUS)
3 – Damon Sansum (GBR)
3 – Aaron Cook (MDA)

Men's -80 kg podium

Evening session
Women’s -57 kg
The first fight of the final competition session at Muju 2017 WC ended with the first surprise: The double Olympic champion Jade Jones (GBR) couldn’t win her first world championships after the local representative, Ah-reum Lee (KOR), played a much better third period than the British. Jones was ahead of the fight thanks to a fist hit and two gam-jeons from the Korean (3-1) with only 2 minutes to go, but some early penalties at the beginning of the final round and a few defensive bad moves at the end, made it possible for Lee to score 3 consecutive body shots to jump into the final by 14-8.
Hatice Ilgun (TUR) proved to be superior to Nikita Glasnovic (SWE) in the second Women’s -57 Semifinal and took a ticket to fight with Lee for the gold by 8-0. Not much happened in the first and second rounds, with the scoreboard showing a 1-0 lead for Ilgun thanks to an early gam-jeon for holding against the Swedish. In the last two minutes, Glasnovic was forced to attack in a more intense way and Ilgun took advantage of some mistakes to connect a head shot and a spinning head shot to rocket to a 8-0 lead that was the final score.
Men’s -63 kg
Shuai Zhao (CHN) gained the access to the final in a very different way. He outscored Bradly Sinden (GBR) by 43-29 in a match full of scoring actions which was about to end before the regular time as Zhao accumulated 9 gam-jeons and was a mistake away from losing the Semifinal. The Chinese dominated the clash from the very beginning, accepting the challenge and exchanging lots of shots with the British with the Asian being more successful. Sinden gave his best and tried hard to beat his opponent through penalties in the final seconds, but the Chinese resisted and kept scoring kicks to the trunk and the chest until the end.
Zhao’s rival in the big final was going to be Mirhashem Hosseini (IRI), who edged Mahammad Mammadov (AZE) by 6-5 in the second Semifinal after a not very exciting fight which was completely decided by gam-jeons. none of the finalists was able to score in another wayy during the six regular minutes. In the end, the Iranian accumulated less penalties than the Azerbaijan representative and gained the acces to the gold medal match.
Women’s -62 kg
The first Semifinal lasted just 37 secons. The score was 5-0 for Ruth Gbagbi, bronze medallist at Rio 2016, who started more precise and with better pace than, So-hee Kim, double world champion and bronze medallist at Rio 2016. After an offensive action from the African, the Asian fell on the tatami and injured her knee. She tried to recover but wasn’t able to continue fighting, so Gbagbi ended up accessing the final with almost no energy wasted.
Tatiana Kuzmina (RUS) and Kimia Alizadeh (IRI)’s fight for the second place in the Final lasted all 6 minutes and ended up with the Iranian as the winner after defeating Kuzmina by 9-6. The Iranian didn’t show all her skills until the last round. Until then, the Russian managed to stay up in the fight by 5-1 thanks to a head shot and two gam-jeons from her rival. But Alizadeh performed a super reaction and connected two head kicks and a body shot to turn the score around for a 9-5 lead. In the last second, she fell on the floor and was punished with a gam-jeon, but the victory was already a reality.
Men’s -80 kg
Anton Kotkov (RUS) and Damon Sansum (GBR) needed the sudden death period to decide who was going to fight for the gold, and in the end it was the Russian who achieved it after cornering the British with 30 seconds left and finding a crack to hit him in the trunk (2-0 by GDP). The whole match was really close, with both fighters connecting powerful body shots and showing a great offensive pace which entertained the spectators. Sansum led the clash 4-1 in the first round, Kotkov 6-8 in the second, and the final round was a great exchange of hits that led to the extra time.
Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE) smashed Aaron Cook (MDA) by 41-5 before the former Great Britain fighter was punished with his 10th gam-jeon in the last minute of the match to earn a deserved ticket for the Final. Harchegani left no chance for Cook to score in the first round and was able to connect two head shots and one trunk kick to take a 9-0 advantage. The Azerbaijan representative started exchanging kicks and punches since thenm with the second round ending with 24-2 on the scoreboard. The last minute of the fight stayed the same way, with Cook having to content with the bronze.
Women’s -57 kg
Korea was the first nation to taste old on Friday as Ah-reum Lee resisted Hatice Ilgun’s (TUR) final come back attempts to collect the fifht title of her country by 7-5. A head shot in the first period and another one in the second gave the local idol a 6-0 advantage that seemed impossible to overcome. But the Turkish athlete showed a lot of pride and started to put more pressure on Lee. She collected 5 consecutive points thanks to 4 mistakes by the Korean and 1 punch and was very close to climb to the top of the podium.
Men’s -63 kg
Shuai Zhao (CHN) gave China its first gold medal at Muju 2017 after outscoring Mirhashem Hosseini (IRI) by 11-5 in the Men’s -63 kg Final. Zhao started the fight in a very bad way, receiving a body shot from Hosseini in the firs seconds, but it seems like this mistake gave him fuel for the rest of the clash. He connected a trunk kick in the first round to level the score, then he found the Iranian’s head with his righ foot at the last of the second and obtained a 5-3 lead that wasn’t going to give away. He exchanged shots for the remaining time and was able to concede some gam-jeons without risking the victory.

Zhao ( vs Hosseini (IRI-red)

Women’s -62 kg
Ruth Gbagbi (CIV) completely erased Kimia Alizadeh (IRI) from the Tatami in the Women’s -62 kg Final, which the African, bronze medallist at Rio 2016, won by 19-9. From the first second of the fight, Gbagbi set an extremely intense rhythm which seemed to be impossible to follow by Alizadeh, who looked tired and a bit injured in some moments. The first round was the more equal, as both fighters still were with a considerable amount of energy. The first two minutes ended with the African 12-5 ahead. Since the, not much happened. Gbagbi was in total control and managed to contain the Asian with her right leg constant attacks. Another body kick and the gold medal was a fact.
Men’s -80 kg

Beigi Harchegani (AZE-red) vs Kotkov (RUS-blue)

Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE), bronze at Rio 2016, was crowned as the new Men’s 80 kg by own merits in the last match of the event as he completely smashed Anton Kotkov (RUS) by 21-3 in a one-way only Final. The Azerbaijan representative started connecting a superb head shot in the first seconds and didn’t let his rhythm go down at any point. Harchegani combined for two head shots and two trunk kicks on the second and 3 more body shots in the last two minutes to erase any trace of the Russian, who could barley hit him.
Pau Aguilar, Muju

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