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New Year’s Message from ETU President

New Year’s Message from ETU President

With great joy, we welcomed the New Year! It will be an exciting year, with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as major event. But besides the Olympics, we are facing many more events, some of which will be inaugural like the WTF President’s Cup in Bonn, Germany. ETU will also celebrate its 40th anniversary!
But let me look back to the year 2015 and what we have achieved together. The inclusion of Taekwondo into the Paralympics in 2020 was without the continuing work and extraordinary leadership of Dr. Choue not possible. His idea to create the World Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation shows that we care for all our taekwondo athletes. The visit of Dr. Choue to the refugee camp in Jordan and the upcoming visit to the WTF Humanitarian Foundation Pilot Project in Nepal shows that he is an exceptional leader. I am very proud to be part of the Taekwondo Family and that we have shown the world that our sport is an all-inclusive sport.
We had some great events in 2015, with the inaugural European Games in Baku (Azerbaijan) as one of the milestones for our organization. Finally, also Europe has joined the other continents with its own Continental multi-games. But we also organized for the first time European Championships in Olympic Weight categories in Russia and European Kids Championships for our very youngsters. In addition to those events, we had events in Turkey, Romania, Serbia and France. I am very grateful for the support ETU receives from its members while organizing these events!
The year 2016 will be an important year for ETU. Of course, the Olympic Games is for our very best athletes the milestone of their year. But for all other athletes, we continue to organize our events. We will have our events for Seniors, Clubs, Kids, Cadets and Under 21 year athletes. But we will also continue with the Coach License program, with which we continue to educate and train our coaches.
In 1976, ETU was founded. This year we will celebrate our 40th anniversary. This gives us the opportunity to look back and reminisce. What have we achieved together in the past years and what do we want to leave as a legacy for our children? I am very excited to start with 2016!
Allow me to wish all athletes, officials, friends and all members of the Taekwondo Family a Happy and Blessed New Year!
Sakis Pragalos
ETU President

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