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Nico García still recovering from accident: "I need at least 1 more month to be back"

Nico García still recovering from accident: "I need at least 1 more month to be back"

The Spanish fighter Nicolás García Hemme, silver medallist at London 2012 Olympic Games, has spoken to the Spanish Media Agency EFE today to explain he is evolving “well” from the injuries suffered last July 9 after being involved in a motorcycle accident, adding that his goal is to start testing himself for competition in mid-October.
García Hemme has been recognized by doctors from the CSD (Spanish Council for Sports) at one of the national centers of high performance (CAR), located in Madrid, where they have reported that his lung lesions have been already overcome and that the fractures of the ribs are also “perfectly welded”.
The four vertebrae damaged after being crushed by his own motorbike are also welded, although that process is “in an earlier stage” and will require a medical examination to determine the date that the Canary Island athlete will return to the tatami mats. “I need at least one month of recovery”, he commented.
Daily work

Nicolás García, who studied architecture in Madrid, visits the CAR in a daily basis to do cardiovascular and elliptical work in the morning and technification and pool in the afternoon. In addition, during the day he also has time to “study, study and study”.
Olympic medalist is very grateful to calls of support of Spanish sport in general and, in particular, of his fellow national team and coaches who, by his words, give “force” to deal with its recovery.
“I will try to prove myself in the tatami in Mid-October, but doctors have not yet set a date. It is something that will see little by little. Within three weeks, there will be another control and we will know more about it. Everything is going very slowly”, he added.
Potential consequences

García Hemme still does not know if the injuries suffered will have a negative effect in his career from now on: “Normally, everything should be as good as before, but I won’t be sure about it until I am back to the training routine”. “Competing is not problem, I am more afraid of not being able to stand the hard work you have to do during the training periods”.
In this sense, the Gran Canarian says that if he is not able to stand the training demand, he won’t be “dragging” on the tatamis because, in his opinion, “I must not become crazy, there are more things in life apart from Taekwondo”.
Source: EFE

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