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Niger Taekwondo Honorific President, new Head of country's NOC

Niger Taekwondo Honorific President, new Head of country's NOC

Issaka Ide, president of the Niger Taekwondo Federation and a WTF Council member, has been appointed as head of the National Olympic Committee of the African country.
“It was my tremendous pleasure to be reported that you were elected as the new president of the Niger National Olympic & Sports Committee. This achievement should be celebrated within the entire taekwondo families,” said WTF President Chungwon Choue in his congratulatory letter to Ide.
Choue continued to say, “Surely your election is the testament of the hard work you have put into the development of taekwondo and other sports in Niger. As a long-term served member of the WTF Council, your appointment will certainly enhance the image of the WTF and will further increase the awareness of our beloved sport within ANOCA.”
The WTF President said, “It is with our joy and pride to have a president of NOC within the seats of the WTF Council, and I hope your election will inspire all other taekwondo families.”
Source: WTF

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