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North Korean ITF Demo Team Performing in the U.S. this Summer

On March 3rd, Voice of America(VOA) announced that the North Korean ITF Taekwondo Demo Team will be touring in the U.S. this summer to perform taekwondo demonstrations in nursinghomes.

Woo Jin Jung, publisher of The <Taekwondo Times>, the main promoter of this event, told the VOA in an interview that “the North Korean ITF Demo Team will be touring around Seattle, Chicago and other main U.S. cities and will perform taekwondo demonstrations and then will visitnursinghomesforaged and disabledpeople and social welfare centers to encourage the residents.”

Jung added that “we would like to broaden the North Korea-U.S. exchange outside taekwondo and the sports field in general” and that “aside from the Taekwondo Demo Team, we have invited also 2-3 young gayageum and janggu players. We have petitioned the North Korean organizers to increase the female participants to even the male to female ratio in the visiting team”. 

This is the third time the North Korean ITF Demo Team performs in the U.S., after October 2007 and June 2011. 

The <Taekwondo Times>, which is promoting the visit of the “Chosn Taekwondo Demo Team” to the US, added that it is planning to establish a U.S.-North Korea collaborative organization that will bring the two countries closer in terms of culture and sports. 

According to <Taekwondo Times>, the “North Korea-US Taekwondo Exchange Friendship Association”(provisional name) will start by organizing taekwondo and other sports events in both countries, and will expand the scope to culture, arts, and education.

The “Chosun Taekwondo Demo Team” that will be performing in the U.S. belongs to the International Taekwondo Federation (President: Jang Woong).


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