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Nur Tatar unexpectedly retires at 25

Nur Tatar unexpectedly retires at 25

Shocking news for Taekwondo fans around the world as Turkey’s world and european champion and two-time Olympic medallist Nur Tatar has decided to quit from her active sports career at the age of 25.
Tatar wrote on her social media account: “Because of the problems I have been suffering for a while, I will end my taekwondo career. I did my best and I believe I popularized taekwondo sports in Turkey.”
Tatar said that he requested an appointment with President Tayyip Erdogan to convey the problems she experienced during her career in the sport. According to Murat Ağca of the newspaper Habertürk, Tatar, who finished his career with shock decision despite being 25 years old, said “I want to explain the problems experienced by all Turkish national athletes to our President”.
Her Iranian husband, Mehran Askari, also a national athlete, also emphasized that he will no longer workd as a national team’s coach, “I have worked very hard for the good of Turkish Taekwondo, but I can not cope with this situation any more. It has already finished Olympic champion Servet Tazegül’s career”.
Tatar said she is not thinking about returning to the active sport, “Taekwondo for me is now over. I have accomplished my dreams and goals and I am very proud of it, but I have had to get rid of some of them with sadness.”
Turkish Federation
Turkey Taekwondo Federation President Metin Sahin, commented after the statement made by Nur Tatar announcing her retirement from Taekwondo: “We want to congratulate one of our most valuable athletes of all time. Every athlete from time to time can experience some difficulties. We have informed our Ministry of Youth and Sports and we will make the necessary consultations about it. Nur Tatar will always have the gate to our national team open.”

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