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Official foundation of the World Children Taekwondo Union

Official foundation of the World Children Taekwondo Union

Foundation of the World Children Taekwondo Union and holding of its 1st Championship in Germany
The World Children Taekwondo Union (WCTU) was officially founded last 1st of February in Sindelfingen, Germany, after the holding of its inaugural General Assembly.
The aim of the WCTU is to “work on the healthy growing of children around the world through Taekwondo, promoting exchanges between different countries, ethnic groups and religions”.
In the inaugural General Assembly, the President of the DTU (German Taekwondo Federation), Soo-Nam Park, was elected as well as President of the WCTU. Lioe Nam Khiong from Indonesia and Markus Raab from Germany were named Vice-presidents of the organization, Ki-Cheol Choi from Korea took charge as Secretary General and Ki-Ok Kwak from Korea was elected as Technical Delegate.
The first edition of the WCTU Championship was held between the 2nd and 3rd of February at the Glas Palatz Arena of Sindelfingen, getting together around 1,050 participants from 31 countries and 120 different clubs.

Podium of one of the categories of the 1st WCTU Championship

The event was open to children under the age of 13, who participated in both the Kyorugi and Poomsae competitions, wether on their own or accompanied by their relatives.
The candidates to host the next WCTU Championship are Croatia, Indonesia and Korea.
Sung Jin Park
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  1. Gladys Njoroge

    dear sir,
    what are the requirements to join wctu,
    we would wish to join the wctu, and also sent our children from our clubs to the wctu championship.
    Gladys Njoroge

    • WTM

      Dear Gladys,
      I suggest you to visit and contact any of the email addresses there. Thanks for your comment! Regards

  2. Ashley Castaneda

    My team from Montreal Quebec Canada, would like to know the details of the next Children games. Please confirm date, and location. I’ve been on the official web site and found no information in reference to this.all I found was that 3 countries where bidding for the games..kindly confirm thank you sgmaster Ashley Castaneda


    when the second of WORLD CTU championship held? and where it was held?


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