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Open Rhone-Alpes 2013 uses Daedo E-Head Protector for the first time

Open Rhone-Alpes 2013 uses Daedo E-Head Protector for the first time

309 athletes from France, Spain, Belgium, Monaco, Saint Pierre and Miquelon and Martinique took part last Saturday November 2nd in the Open Rhone-Alpes Taekwondo 2013, held in Lyon, France.
All the participants in the event, which ended up being a great success, enjoyed the possibility to use the new product of the Spanish martial arts brand Daedo for the first time in an official competition: the E-Head Protector. The product was successfully tested for the first time in public last September on occasion of the Porto 2013 European Junior Championships.

Daedo E-Head Protectors

The different categories who competed at Open Rhone-Alpes 2013 were:
Juniors (1997-1999):
– Males: -48, – 55, -63, -73, +73kg
– Females: -44, -49, -55, -63, +63kg
Seniors (from 1996):
– Males: -58, -68, -80, +80kg
– Females: -49, -57, -67, +67kg



  1. Glenworth brudey

    Hello! May I have more information concerning Daedo protections and martial art wears. I’ll like to order for an upcoming competition in december. So please send me the articles and prices. Thanks alot and have a blessed day.

  2. cote

    interesting e-HEAD PROTECTION !!!

  3. hicham zogar

    Yes Sir, I would like to share with you in any game and thank you


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