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Óscar Muñoz: "I aspire to be the best"

Óscar Muñoz: "I aspire to be the best"

Óscar Muñoz Oviedo (El Difícil, Magdalena, Colombia, 9th of March 1993), became a legend of Colombian Taekwondo last summer after winning the bronze medal of the -58 kg category at the London 2012 Olympic Games. With only 19 years of age, Muñoz managed to take the first Olympic medal for his country in our sport, which clearly shows he’s one of the fighters to follow in the coming years. The future is in his hands.
Q. How does it feel to be the first Taekwondo athlete to win an Olympic medal for Colombia?
A. It feels great. I am very happy for having been able to successfully represent my country. I can’t find the words to express so much joy.
Q. You weren’t one of the seeded fighters in London, so not many people expected you to win a medal. Were you confident on taking it?
A. Being one of the seeded athletes doesn’t secure a medal. I trained hard to become an Olympic medallist and fortunatley I managed to achieve so.
Q. Many people say that the Olympic Games are a special competition. You had already competed in important events such as the Panamerican Games before fighting in London. Did you feel anything special before the competition or during it? You seemed to start at your best level…
A. Yes, you feel something really special, you can feel the adrenaline. Your will of victory becomes even bigger, you really want go give your very best.

Óscar Muñoz holds his coach, Álvaro Vidal, after winning the bronze medal at London 2012

Q. In the semi-final against Joel González, the big favourite, you managed to keep the score tied (3-3) with one minute and a half left. What happened since then? What could you have done to beat him?
A. I think I didn’t keep the necessary patience. I needed the combat to remain at the same pace, but I couldn’t do it
Q. The bronze medal match against Karaket (THA) was a really close one, but you managed to lead the score by 6-4 with only a few seconds left. Then, he aims a kick at your head and the referee awards him 3 points and the final victory. Your coach appealed the decision… How did you feel while you were waiting for the final result?
A. I alwats felt I was the winner of the combat. I didn’t lose the emotion for the victory at any time.
Q. How was the reception at your hometown (Valledupar)?
A. I couldn’t expect such a great reception. It was awesome. It really fells great to see how much joy you bring to your region and to your country.
Q. During the competition in London, I saw that you had tattooed the Olympic rings on your back. Tell WTM about that story, please.
A. I tattooed my back after earning a place for London 2012 at the Panamerican qualifiers of Queretaro (Mexico). I saw the Olympic logo and I really liked it, and I told myself “I’m going to become an Olympic medallist and I’ll have it in my back forever”.

Image of Óscar Muñoz´s (COL) tattoo during his combat against Pen-Ek Karaket (THA) at London 2012

Q. Your younger brother Rigo is also a Taekwondo athlete. Do you see a bright future for him? Is his fighting style similar to yours?
A. I always advise him when I can. If he wants to become the best, he has to work really hard, that’s what I’ve been doing all my life.
Q. You’re only 19 years old and you’re already an Olympic and Panamerican medallist. What is the main objective of your sporting career?
A. I aspire to be the best and to keep on the top of Taekwondo for as much time as possible. I’d like to become Olympic champion in Rio.
Q. How are you preparing this year’s World Championship (Puebla, Mexico)?
A. I am training really hard in order to be at my best level when the Puebla 2013 World Championships start.
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