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Paris Open 2015 (G-1), cancelled following terrorist attacks

Paris Open 2015 (G-1), cancelled following terrorist attacks

Paris Open 2015 cancelled
Following the terrorist attacks suffered by the city of Paris last night, the FFTDA has decided to cancel the Paris International Taekwondo Open (G-1), who was supposed to be held at the Carpentier this weekend with some of the best athletes on the planet,
The federation is now trying to contact all the representatives head of team to ensure that everyone is safe. Thank you to send us mail to to confirm that you are well.
Following the series of terrorist attacks on Paris this Friday, November 13, the state of emergency was declared. Accordingly, the Paris International Tournament, the committee and the general assembly of the french taekwondo federation are canceled. “Today is the safety of the competitors, spectators, elected officials, volunteers take precedence, commented Denis Odjo. We work to organize the return of all in good conditions. “The Federation wishes to denounce the horror of the events and offer condolences and support to all the families of the victims.
Access to the Carpentier hall is not allowed. Thank you not to get there.
Following several serious events of that night, the police headquarters has taken priority security measures including the closure of facilities in the city of Paris (including stadium).
The Federation doesn’t have the possibility to ensure the organization of the Paris International Tournament.

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