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PATU and Daedo sign partnership agreement until 2019

PATU and Daedo sign partnership agreement until 2019

The Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) and the Spanish martial arts brand Daedo International have signed a continued partnership agreement for the 2016-2019 period.
Daedo International and PATU have been successfully working together in recent years. As a reminder, it was PATU who provided Daedo with the access to its Pan American events to strengthen organization level of those events. As a result of this positive relationship, in December of 2016, PATU and Daedo renewed their commitment to each other by signing a new a partnership deal for for the next 4 years.
Daedo International will continue to support PATU and will provide the PSS and E-headgear (GEN2) exclusively to all PATU events. Besides, through this new agreement, Daedo will support Organizing Committees (OCs) of PATU events by offering special rental fees for DAEDO PSS (GEN2).
In the event the OC decides to purchase the PSS instead of renting it, Daedo will also offer a special price to all PATU MNAs.
With the agreement already signed by both parties, the PATU schedule for the next 4 years stays as shown on the information below.
List of PATU official events that are required to use DAEDO GEN2 PSS and E-Head Gears:
– Pan American Senior Gyoroogi Championships
– Pan American Cadet & Junior Gyoroogi Championships
– Pan American Para Taekwondo Championships
– WTF President’s Cup
– All G-1 and G-2 International Open Championships
– All Multi Sport Games in Pan American Region (Pan American Games, Central American & Caribbean Games, Central American Games, Bolivarian Games, South American Games)
Apart from this new deal with PATU, Daedo International also holds partnership agreements with AFTU (2017-2020), ATU (2016-2017), OTU (2014-2017) and ETU (2017-2020).

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