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PATU surprisingly signs with KP&P

PATU surprisingly signs with KP&P

The Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) has signed an exclusivity contract with KP&P that enables the Korean company to use its PSS (Protector and Scoring System) at 8 of the major events organized by the continental union led by Ji-Ho Choi in the next 2 years.
This group of 8 competitions include:
– The Pan American Championships
– The Pan Am Open
– The Pan American Team Championship
– The Pan Am University/College Championship
The Spanish company Daedo did also try to reach an agreement with the PATU, but although its proposal was similar to the one agreed with the ETU, Ji-Ho Choi, President of the Pan American organization, decided to accept the Korean offer. It is unknown how this decision will be intepreted by the Pan American Taekwondo Community, as KP&P PSS has never been used in the region so far.
In this sense, it needs to be mentioned that the PATU did already have to face a big controversy when it signed an exclusivity contract with LaJust company in 2009 for the London 2012’s preparation period. As a consequence of this, several PATU members bought LaJust PSS to get ready for the Olympics -around 1,000 LaJust PSS were sold in the region during that period-, materials which are now in disuse as Daedo ended up being the final supplier of the Games. So in the end, many PATU members with limited resources wasted a lot of money because of that situation.
Daedo has successfully performed at London 2012, it has been chosen to supply the Puebla 2013 World Championships and it’s currently the most widespread system in the Pan American region and worldwide. But despite all these facts, Ji-Ho Choi has decided to go for a system that has never been used in the area. Will PATU members understand his decision?
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Pau Aguilar
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  1. Dagoberto

    Well, a change and a challenge.

  2. brad

    Money from one hand to another has a lot of weight. Just saying

  3. MARCO

    Es una sinverguenceria que haga esto espero que los miembros de PATU reacionen y pidan explicaciones como puede ser si las mejores competencias del mundo se hace con DAEDO y ya casi todos en america tienen este sistema ahora que toca botar al tacho y comprar este sistema que nunca se ha usado y la vez q usaron en korea tuvo fallas.

  4. alvaro

    volveremos a tener resultados pesimos en mundiales y olimpiadas aqui no han pensando ni en los atletas ni en las federaciones solo se ha pensado en el bien de alguien

  5. Jon

    What a scam!
    PATU president for sale! KP&P? Sounds like judges got tired of not choosing the winner…. Should just go back to regular scoring because its cheaper, but then there wouldn’t be any bribes

  6. Gladys Njoroge

    was it officially acceptable? if yes then we must respect the President’s decision.



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