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Philippe Bouedo: "An integrated standard of PSS must be made"

Philippe Bouedo: "An integrated standard of PSS must be made"

“A common PSS standard will be made to integrate both Daedo and KP&P systems”. This is what the WTF Competition Director Philippe Bouedo said at the 7th Korea Open recently held in Gyeongju, where he attended as Technical Delegate (TD) of the WTF.
KP&P’s PSS, which was recognized by the WTF not even two weeks ago, was one of the main attractions of the Korea Open 2012. In fact, the system was recognized on October 23rd, just 2 days before the start of the competition. So the era of the two recognized PSS brands is now a reality.
One of Bouedo’s most important roles at this Open was the elaboration of a report regarding the PSS. KP&P’s recognition process was not an easy one. One of the reasons why its recognition was delayed is because the WTF considered it was not possible for the contestants to have different results at international competitions depending on which PSS brand was used.
Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of problems, a common PSS standard has to be made to integrate both Daedo and KP&P systems. Having two recognized PSS brands with different standards would imply differences on the atheletes’ preparation for the Championships depending on which system would be used during the event. The WTF doesn´t want variations in the final standings of a competition only because a certain PSS was used.
So, what were Bouedo’s thoughts after watching KP&P’s performance at the Korea Open?

Philippe Bouedo during his interview with WTM

– In general I am satisfied. KP&P has been developing a PSS through a systematic collaboration with the Korea Taekwondo Association, which has the greatest experience in Taekwondo competitions, and did not show any problems during the Korea Open. However, this doesn’t mean it has nothing to improve.
Which aspects should KP&P improve in your opinion?
– Firstly, I think the threshold level was too high, leading to several cases where clear valid points were not scored at all. Since points were not given properly, eventually many of the victories had to be awarded by the referees. I think this problem can be solved by adjusting the threshold levels. Actually, the biggest problem is that very few back kicks were scored, as well as strong front kicks. These can be considered as significant problems.
How would you compare it to Daedo’s PSS?
– Through its work at the London Olympic Games, Daedo has greatly developed on a technical and general point of view. One cannot ignore the experience of having worked successfully at an Olympic Games. Of course there are some aspects which Daedo should improve as well. For example, there are some cases where points are given when the foot is rubbing up against the trunk protector. I think Daedo should work on this.
How can a common standard be made to integrate these two systems?
– After the Swiss Open, at the beginning of November, the main people in charge of this issue within the WTF and the WTF Ad-hoc Committee for PSS will gather with Taekwondo experts and with both companies to discuss about this. One important thing is that the WTF should be leading the direction of those competitions using PSS. In some past cases, the competition has been led by the companies, but now I think that the WTF should take the leading role and ask for collaboration to the PSS companies. Within this process, I consider the electronic head gear should also be implemented so that head kicks can be scored automatically by the PSS.
Bouedo expressed his opinions on the PSS and the future of Taekwondo very enthusiastically.
The debut of the PSS at the London Olympic Games was successful. How will this success be continued at the Rio Olympic Games? The future of Taekwondo lies here.
Sung Jin Park –
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  1. Rorek

    If i’m not mistaken, Daedo PSS already has the ability to register points via headgear as well.

  2. Y. Tharchen

    At this stage the most important aspect is to think of taekwondo for many years to come. Taekwondo as sport and art has offered job opprotunities to millions globally. Secondly, apart from engrossing the global youths meaningfully in taekwondo, youths are engaged phyaically and mentally. More so, millions of youths globally have tuned themselves from agressive to submissive. Therefore, directly or indirectly, taekwondo has contributed to the world in terms of reducing medical cost, enhanced healthy society, produced productive citizens.
    In my view, companies that produces PSS must work towards common standard in achieving the highest standard the WTF is looking forward for. Such common standard of PSS shall help the MNAs to use any WTF recognized PSS. At present different PSS used in different championships. With few more companies coming up with PSS shall also dictate over the monopoly. We must remember that every success had a failure and as such, taekwondo leaders should not really depend on the past success.


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