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[Photo]2012 European Taekwondo Championships

The 2012 European Senior Taekwondo Championships is taking place at the Regional Arena in Manchester, UK, from May 3rd until May 6th.

?? Regional Arena, Manchester, UK.
?? Female -46kg (Fin) Final: Ioanna Koutsou (Greece) vs Elaia Torrontegui (Spain)
?? Winners of Female -46kg (Fin) Category: 1. Ioanna Koutsou (Greece) 2. Elaia Torrontegui (Spain) 3. Rukiye Yildirim (Turkey) and Jessica Alair (Sweden)
?? Female -62kg (Light) Final: Marlene Harnois (France) vs Marina Sumic (Croatia) 
?? Winners of Female -62kg (Light) Category: 1. Marlene Harnois (France) 2. Marina Sumic (Croatia) 3. Joyce Van Baaren (Netherlands) and Marina Cheshuina (Russia)
?? Winners of Male -54kg (Fin) Category: 1. Seyfula Magomedov (Russia) 2. Mikayil Aliyev (Azerbaijan) 3. Amin Badr (Great Britain) and Nikolaos Politis (Greece)



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