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Porto Alegre Open, 1st event in Brazil with Daedo PSS

Last Sunday 24th of July the 2011 Porto Alegre Open was held, where Daedo PSS was used for the first time in Brazil.

This was an opportunity for Brazilian and other Panamerican athletes who have never been able to use the system before. Once the competition was over, coaches, competitors and directives were satisfied with the functioning of the system and the scoring. President of the Brazilian Confederation Carlos Fernandes, National Coach Carolina Carmen and President of the Gaucha Taekwondo Federation Olzemir Antonio Machado all agreed that the event was a success thanks to the system.

?? Master Olzemir Junior

Master Olzemir Junior said "I would like to congratulate Daedo for producing such a trustworthy system which brings more dynamism to Taekwondo and I am very happy for having given the chance to use this system to our participants".

The event gathered more than 700 competitors from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and was eligible for the Brazilian ranking system.

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