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President Lopez Delgado, “I will not run for PATU president, but concentrate on the FMTKD”

President Lopez Delgado, “I will not run for PATU president, but concentrate on the FMTKD”

The president of the Federación Mexicana de Taekwondo (FMTKD), Mr Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado, visited the WTF Seongnam office on September 24th.
He had a meeting with WTF president Choue to discuss the schedule and other matters of the 2013 Puebla World Taekwondo Championships.
Mexico is one of the countries in Central and South America where Taekwondo is most popular. WTM had the opportunity to meet Mr Lopez Delgado and ask him some questions.
W: Are the preparations for next year’s WTC going well?
LD: Through this meeting today at the WTF office, we explained the confirmed schedule and other organizational matters to president Choue. The city council of Puebla has promised to help us actively, and we are sure that it will be the best championship.
W: Some people outside Mexico are concerned about the security issues in the country.
LD: While organizing the WTC this is the thing that worries us most, but at the same time we are most confident about. We are already discussing about it with the city council and we are doing the necessary to host the safest championships ever.
W: Before talking about the FMTKD let’s talk about something we have heard about you. Is it true that you are running for PATU president in the next elections?
LD: I am aware of such rumors, and I have received many phone calls from acquaintances asking me about it. However, that is not true. I will focus on the FMTKD.
W: What is the situation in the FMTKD? When does your term of office end? Do you want to continue leading the FMTKD?
LD: Yes. The next presidential elections will take place in March next year. I will run for reelection and I am optimistic about the result. There are 36 regional federations in Mexico, and 34 of them have the right to vote. I am sure that all 34 of them will support me.
W: Aren’t you being overly optimistic by thinking all of them will support you? What is your optimism based on?
LD: After becoming president of the FMTKD I have tried to improve the problems within the federation. There was certainly some kind of resistance to my reforms, but I carried on and the members think positively about me. I also have a good relationship with regional presidents. I think that my support from the regions is solid.
W: Mexico only won a bronze medal in London 2012. This seems rather less than expected, considering the support that Taekwondo has in Mexico. Weren’t you disappointed?
LD: Of course a gold medal is important, but the color does not always define the value. The Mexican Ministry of Sports is very satisfied with the result, and I am not disappointed a bit.
W: Do you think that the reason of this result was the PSS?
LD: Yes. We have had too little training with the Daedo PSS compared to countries like Spain and Italy. However, this will change.
W: Mexico is one of the countries in Central and South America where there is more passion about Taekwondo. Is it still popular? And to what extent?
LD: It’s true. After football, Taekwondo is most popular in Mexico. People like Taekwondo not only as sports but also as a martial art. It is famous as an Olympic sport, but Taekwondo poomsae is also becoming more and more active in Mexico, and this might be one of the reasons it is so popular.
W: Thanks for your time. We hope the next year’s WTC will be a great success.
LD: Thank you.

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