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President Pragalos announces new ETU Council's composition

President Pragalos announces new ETU Council's composition

PORTO – Unanimously elected by the ETU General Assembly in August this year, Mr. Pragalos continuous his presidency. However, it seemed that the General Assembly decided to have new faces within ETU. For the first time in ETU history, three of the six Vice-presidents were elected by the General Assembly. Mr. Pragalos wants to further professionalize ETU operations and made his nominations public during the 19th ETU European Junior Championships.
The ETU Statutes stipulate the number of nominations that can be done by the president. Next to the elected Vice-Presidents Mr. Terekov (Russia) and Iuzefovici (Moldova), Mr. Pragalos nominated Mr. Castellanos (Spain), Mr. Piarulli (France) and Mr. Sahin (Turkey) as Vice-presidents. Mr. Fysentzidis (Greece) was appointed by Mr. Pragalos to serve as Secretary-General of ETU. Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Schunken stays at his position while Mr. Constantin Apostol has been nominated as deputy Secretary-General too. Mr. Phivos Christou was nominated as senior Vice-president. Mr. Buitenhuis will succeed Mr. Christou, who served for more than a decade as Treasurer.
An important triangle of Chairman are the Referee Chairman, Mr. Chelbat, Chairman of the Technical Committee, Mr. Cito and Chairman of the Games Committee, Mr. Bouedo. Next to the Secretary-General or his deputy who are responsible for all ETU events, these three chairman will make sure all operations during ETU Championships are being run smoothly.
Mr. Park Soo Nam is appointed as Chairman of the Poomsae Committee, being responsible for poomsae in Europe and also the training of all ETU International Referees during the ETU European Poomsae Championships. Mr. Park will continue to work for the promotion of poomsae in Europe. Olympic gold medallist Michail Mouroutsos from Greece and European Champion and bronze medallist Ms. Cristina Atzeni from Italy are appointed as Council members, representing the athletes in the ETU Council.

Mr. Pragalos, Sakis President
Mr. Park, Sun Jae Honorary president
Mr. Christou, Phivos Senior Vice-president
Mr. Iuzefovici, Igor Vice-president
Mr. Terekhov, Anatoli Vice-president
Mr. Castellanos, Jesus Vice-president
Mr. Piarulli, Roger Vice-president
Mr. Sahin, Metin Vice-president
Mr. Fyzentzidis, Michail Secretary-General
Mr. Schunken, Kenneth deputy-Secretary-General and PS
Mr. Apostol, Constantin deputy-Secretary-General
Mr. Buitenhuis, Fred Treasurer
Ms. Atzeni, Christina Council member
Mr. Boo, Ferenc Council member
Mr. Chelbat, Chakir Council member
Mr. Cito, Angelo Council member
Mr. Duymaz, Oktay Council member
Mr. Flemming, Martin Council member
Mr. Georgiev, Andrei Council member
Mr. Gheneralov, Artiom Council member
Mr. Hallsall, Richard Council member
Mr. Holt, Thommas Council member
Mr. Mouroutsos, Michalis Council member
Mr. Patakfalvy, Miklos Council member
Mr. Park, Soo Nam Council member
Mr. Safarov, Nagi Council member
Mr. Sagirkaya, Ali Council member
Mr. Samadzhiya, Lesik Council member
Mr. Sousa, Jose Luis Council member
Mr. Tranter, Adrian Council member
Mr. Welu, Norbert Council member
Mr. Zademohammad, Reza Council member
Mr. Padros, Juanjo Auditor
Mr. Rajkai, Istvan Auditor
President Pragalos will make his final appointments public within a few weeks.
Source: ETU

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