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Puebla of Mexico, the host city of 2013 World TKD Championships

?? Mexican proposal committee for 2013World tkd championships.

The 21st WTF World Taekwodo Championships will take place in Puebla, Mexico.

Puebla was chosen as the host city at the WTF Council Meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. It was preferred over Split, Croatia, by 18 against 11 votes.
Mexico has recently hosted some major international taekwondo events such as the 2010 World Junior TKD Championships in Tijuana, and the Pan-Am Qualification Tournament for the London 2012 Olympic Games in Querétaro. The biggest drawback for this location in Mexico was safety.
There were concerns about the relative low safety of Mexico, and the proposal committee was aware of this issue.
Sandra Ximena Mata Zenteno, Director of the Municipal Institute Sports of Puebla, represented the committee for the World TKD Championships in Mexico formed by 7 members.

?? Ximena mata(right) and her sister.

She responded to such concerns about safety in the presentation at the WTF Council Meeting:"Puebla is one of the safest cities in Mexico. It is the 4th city of Mexico in economic activity and there is a good transportation infrastructure due to its geographic location right at the center of the country, and above all, there is much interest for taekwondo among our citizens."
Ximena Mata, who played an important role in the outcome of the voting, has a background as a taekwondo athlete. Furthermore, she started at an early age (22 years old) in the sports administration arena representing Mexico in the 2006 World Junior TKD Championships in Vietnam.
Ximena Mata confessed that "there is a little bit more than 1 year left, that’s a not so long time to prepare. However we will do our best so that nobody in the world of taekwondo regrets this decision. If you come to Puebla you will be able to feel the love our citizens have for taekwondo."


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