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Qualification Tournament for Wuxi 2017 Grand Slam (G-1): China and Korea qualify 6 athletes each

Qualification Tournament for Wuxi 2017 Grand Slam (G-1): China and Korea qualify 6 athletes each

WT G-1 Open Qualification Tournament for Wuxi 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champion Series
Wuxi, China
23-24 November 2017
G-1 category event
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Award List: click HERE
Confirmed athlete for Wuxi 2017 Grand Slam: click HERE
China and Korea were the two most successful team at Wuxi GS Qualification Tournament after grabbing 6 place for the Final event, with Iran qualifying no less than 5 fighters. Croatia was the other nation to get more than 1 spot with 2, while Norway, Turkey, Poland, Russia and Chinese Taipei put one athlete each to complete the 24 spots offered in the event.
In terms of medals in this G-1 competition, Korea was the dominating country with 4 out of the 8 titles achieved, with Poland, Russia, Turkey and China climbing to the top of the podium in one occasion each.
Final Podiums – 3 first qualify
Women’s -49 kg
Female F-49kg 1st Place KOR Min-Ah HA
Female F-49kg 2nd Place CRO Kristina TOMIC
Female F-49kg 3rd Place IRI Nahid Kiyanichandeh
Female F-49kg 4th Place CHN Kaiqi LIU
Female F-49kg 5th Place CHN Jingwen LI
Female F-49kg 5th Place CHN Ju ZUO
Female F-49kg 5th Place PHI Levita Ronna ILAO
Female F-49kg 5th Place IRI Soudabeh Poursadeghi
Women’s -57 kg
Female F-57kg 1st Place TUR Irem YAMAN
Female F-57kg 2nd Place KOR Geum-Byeol LIM
Female F-57kg 3rd Place CHN Lijun ZHOU
Female F-57kg 4th Place KOR Bo-eui Park
Female F-57kg 5th Place IRI Parisa Javadi Kouchaksaraei
Female F-57kg 5th Place POL Patrycja ADAMKIEWICZ
Female F-57kg 5th Place CHN Yunyun Shan
Female F-57kg 5th Place CHN Zongshi LUO
Women’s -67 kg
Female F-67kg 1st Place CHN Yunfei GUO
Female F-67kg 2nd Place KOR Jan-di KIM
Female F-67kg 3rd Place CHN Mengyu ZHANG
Female F-67kg 4th Place KOR So-young SEO
Female F-67kg 5th Place KOR Da-bin LEE
Female F-67kg 5th Place UZB Nigora TURSUNKULOVA
Female F-67kg 5th Place CHN Ran LI
Female F-67kg 5th Place CHN Shunan XIAO
Women’s +67 kg
Female F+67kg 1st Place POL Aleksandra Kowalczuk
Female F+67kg 2nd Place IRI Zahra Pouresmaeil
Female F+67kg 3rd Place CHN Chen LI
Female F+67kg 4th Place CHN Shuwen Lv
Female F+67kg 5th Place CHN Chen ZHANG
Female F+67kg 5th Place TUR Nafia KUS
Female F+67kg 5th Place CHN Pan GAO
Female F+67kg 5th Place CHN Xiaoqian LIU
Men’s -58 kg
Male M-58kg 1st Place KOR JUN JANG
Male M-58kg 2nd Place IRI Ebrahim Safari Soumeeh
Male M-58kg 3rd Place CHN Xiaoyi CHEN
Male M-58kg 4th Place MGL Tumenbayar MOLOM
Male M-58kg 5th Place POR Rui BRAGANCA
Male M-58kg 5th Place CHN Ruidong WU
Male M-58kg 5th Place CHN Xinxin Hong
Male M-58kg 5th Place KOR yong-kwan LEE
Men’s -68 kg
Male M-68kg 1st Place RUS Boris Krasnov
Male M-68kg 2nd Place IRI Abolfazl Yaghoubijouybari
Male M-68kg 3rd Place IRI Mirhashem Hosseini
Male M-68kg 4th Place CRO Deni Andrun Razic
Male M-68kg 5th Place TPE CHIA-HSIN HO
Male M-68kg 5th Place KOR Dong-yun SHIN
Male M-68kg 5th Place AZE Mahammad MAMMADOV
Male M-68kg 5th Place KOR Seok-bae KIM
Men’s -80 kg
Male M-80kg 1st Place KOR HWAN NAMGOONG
Male M-80kg 2nd Place NOR Richard Andre ORDEMANN
Male M-80kg 3rd Place TPE TSUNG YEH YANG
Male M-80kg 4th Place DOM Moises HERNANDEZ
Male M-80kg 5th Place KOR Hun KIM
Male M-80kg 5th Place CHN Jingwen TAN
Male M-80kg 5th Place NOR John ASP
Male M-80kg 5th Place IRI Mahdi KHODABAKHSHI
Men’s +80 kg
Male M+80kg 1st Place KOR LEE SEUNG HWAN
Male M+80kg 2nd Place CHN Hongyi SUN
Male M+80kg 3rd Place CRO Vedran GOLEC
Male M+80kg 4th Place AZE Ramin AZIZOV
Male M+80kg 5th Place CHN Dinghuang ZHU
Male M+80kg 5th Place UZB Dmitriy SHOKIN
Male M+80kg 5th Place USA Jonathan HEALY
Male M+80kg 5th Place AZE Payam Ghobadi Oughaz

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