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[Results Day 1] European Under-21 Championships 2012

[Results Day 1] European Under-21 Championships 2012

The 2012 the European Taekwondo Championships for juniors aged from 16 to 21 kicked off on June 14th in Athens, Greece.
The 3rd edition of this competition will be held until June 17th at the Mets Sports Hall of Athens. This time, the championship gathered 286 athletes from around 38 countries.
The organizing committee is formed by the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation and the Youth, Culture and Sports Organization of the City of Athens, and counts with the support from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Panayiota Psaraki, President of Youth, Culture and Sports Organization, said that, “The Championships will attract thousands of Taekwondo enthusiasts from around the world, which will help promote our country in these harsh financial times”.
The results of the first day are shown below:
Men’s -87kg (12 athletes):

1. Jose Rodrigues (Portugal)
2. Dionys Kronreif (Germany)
3. Gleb Babaevskiy (Russia)
3. Aydin Bahmalov (Azerbaijan)
Men’s +87kg (10 athletes):

Women’s -73kg (13 athletes):

1. Violeta Babic (Serbia)
2. Tina Re Skaar (Norway)
3. Casandra Ikonen (Sweden)
3. Aleksandra Potapova (Russia)
Women’s +73kg (8 athletes):

1. Olga Ivanova (Russia)
2. Edines Kurtuvic (Austria)
3. Sara Zederfeldt (Sweden)
3. Nafia Kus (Turkey)[:]

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