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[Results Day 2]2012 European Taekwondo Championships

?? Winners Male -58kg (Fly) Category: 1. Joel Gonzalez (Spain) 2. Mousa Cisse (France) 3. Firat Pozan (Turkey) and Eryk Rodzik (Poland).

Spanish Joel González (-58kg) wins a gold, whereas Brigitte Yagüe (-49kg) ends up in 3rd place.

Two Spanish athletes who will be in London 2012, competed on the second day of the European Taekwondo Championships. Joel González won in the male -58kg category in an impressive final match where he beat French Moussa Cisse with a final score of 11-1. Brigitte Yagüe, on the other hand, fell in the semifinal of the -49kg category against Kristina Kim (Russia) by 2-9 and only got a bronze medal.

?? Winners Female -49kg (Fly) Category: 1. Lucija Zaninovic (Croatia) 2. Kristina Kim (Russia) 3. Yasmina Aziez (France) and Brigitte Yague (Spain).

Another Spanish athlete, Rosana Simón (+73kg) lost the gold medal to Anne Caroline Graffe (France).

In the male -87kg category, British Lutalo Muhammad won 13-2 in the final against French athlete Augustin Bata. The first British gold medalist at the European Taekwondo Championships beat Spanish Jon Aguado in the 2nd round with 6 points of difference. Lutalo will probably be the top competitor of the -80kg division reserve position for London 2012.

Seniors Female A -49 / Fly (17 competitors)
1 – Zaninovic, Lucija (Croatia)
2 – Kim, Kristina (Russia)
3 – Aziez, Yasmina (France)
3 – Yague Enrique, Brigitte (Spain)

Seniors Female A +73 / Heavy (11 competitors)
1 – Graffe, Anne Caroline (France)
2 – Simon Alamo, Rosana (Spain)
3 – Weiss, Katharina (Germany)
3 – Ivanova, Olga (Russia)

Seniors Male A -58 / Fly (24 competitors)
1 – Gonzalez Bonilla, Joel (Spain)
2 – Cisse, Moussa (France)
3 – Pozan, Firat (Turkey)
3 – Rodzik, Eryk (Poland)

Seniors Male A -87 / Middle (22 competitors)
1 – Muhammad, Lutalo (Great Britain)
2 – Bata, Augustin (France)
3 – Sari, Ali (Turkey)
3 – Molfetta, Carlo (Italy)


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