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[Results Day 2] European Under-21 Championships 2012

[Results Day 2] European Under-21 Championships 2012

On the second day of the 3rd European Taekwondo Championships Under-21, Portugal clinched two gold medals in the men’s categories.
The categories disputed on June 15th were the women’s -62kg and -67kg and men’s -74kg and -80kg. Poland, France and Portugal were the winners of this day. France could have also won two gold medals, but unfortunately lost one to Poland, in the women’s -62kg.
The results of the second day are shown below:
Women’s -62kg (18 athletes)
1. Aleksadndra Krzemieniecka (Poland)
2. Magda Wiet Henin (France)
3. Rabia Guelec (Germany)
3. Sule Yimaz (Turkey)
Women’s -67kg (15 athletes)

1. Haby Niare (France)
2. Dunja Lemajic (Slovenia)
3. Kim Reacq (Netherlands)
3. Alana Kharebova (Russia)
Men’s -74kg (20 athletes)

1. Julio Ferreira (Portugal)
2. Albert Gaun (Russia)
3. Jens Leewen (Germany)
3. Serhiy Chayka (Ukraine)
Men’s -80kg (18 athletes)

1. Michel Fernandes (Portugal)
2. Muhammed Talha Sari (Turkey)
3. Ossian Markgren (Sweden)
3. Stojan Rabijac (Serbia)[:]

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