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Rio 2016 Olympic Games (G-20) – Day 1: China and Korea win the first golds at Carioca Arena 3

Rio 2016 Olympic Games (G-20) – Day 1: China and Korea win the first golds at Carioca Arena 3

Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17-20 August 2016
G-20 category event
Round by roun results: W-49 / M-58
Day 1 – Report
China and Korea won the first two gold medals in Taekwondo at Rio 2016 Olympic Games after Shuai Zhao (CHN) and Sohui Kim (KOR) respectively clinched the Men’s -58 kg and Women’s -49 kg divisions on Wednesday at Carioca Arena 3.
Zhao took the highest step of the Men’s -58 kg podium after beating Tawin Hanprab from Thailand in a very tight final which ended with 6-4 on the scoreboard, while Kim grabbed the first title for Korea after defeating Tijana Bogdanovic from Serbia by 7-5 in another thriller of a match. Both Hanprab (THA) and Bogdanovic (SRB) had to content themselves with the silver medals of the day.
Zhao’s path to the gold medal started with a victory over Jesus Tortosa from Spain by 7-3 in the last 16 round, followed by another win in the Quarter-finals against Omar Hajjami from Morocco by 8-1. In the Semis, the Chinese got rid of Navarro from Mexico by 9-4 to secure a place in the big final.
Kim’s way to the Olympic glory started against Diez from Peru in the last 16 round, whom she ran over by a comfortable 10-2. After, the Korean representative had to face another Asian fighter, Wongpattanakit from Thailand, whom she defeated by a very close margin (6-5). In the Semis, she got rid of the French Aziez by 1-0 thanks to a golden point to jump to the big final.

W-49 kg final podium

The bronze medalists in Women’s -49 kg ended up being Panipak Wongpattanakit from Thailand and Patimat Abakarova from Azerbaijan. Both of them managed to qualify for the Repechage draw after an early defeat, but their opponents in these matches managed to get to the final, which opened them the door to the bronzes. The Thai representative lost to Sohui Kim (KOR) in the Quarter-finals by a close 6-5, while Abakarova couldn’t contain the other finalist, Tijana Bogdanovic from Serbia, who beat the Azeri by 3-2 in the Last 16 round fight. Once in the repechage draw, Abakarova clinched the podium after edging no other than the double Olympic champion Jinyu Wu by 4-3 in the first match, and the French Aziez in the second one by a clear 7-2. Wongpattanakit tasted bronze after getting rid of Diez from Peru in the last clash of the repechage phase, whom she defeated by 4-2, and after successfully battling against the Mexican representative Itzel Manjarrez in the crucial fight (15-3).
The lower step of the podium in Men’s -58 kg was finally occupied by Luisito Pie from Dominican Republic and Taehun Kim from Korea, who finished the repechage stage as the two succesful athletes. They had a significantly different start of the day, as Pie made his way to the Semis after beating Tuncat from Germany by disqualification in the Last 16 round and the Portuguese Rui Bragança in the Quarter-finals by 4-1, while Kim lost in his first appearance in Rio after being edged by one of the finalists, the Thai Hanprab by 12-10 in the Last 16 round. Once in the repechage stage, Pie clinched the podium after getting rid of Jesus Tortosa from Spain in the sudden death period, once the match had finished with 5-5 after the regular time. Kim confirmed the first medal for Korea after beating Khalil from Australia by 4-1 in the first clash and after confirming his superiority over Carlos Navarro from Mexico in the crucial fight for the medal (7-5).

M-58 kg final podium

Day 1 – Final Podiums
Women’s -49 kg
1 – Sohui Kim (KOR)
2 – Tijana Bogdanovic (SRB)
3 – Patimat Abakarova (AZE)
3 – Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA)
Men’s -58 kg
1 – Shuai Zhao (CHN)
2 – Tawin Hanprab (THA)
3 – Luisito Pie (DOM)
3 – Taehun Kim (KOR)

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