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Sakis Pragalos, reelected as ETU President

Sakis Pragalos, reelected as ETU President

Anastasios Pragalos was reelected yesterday as the ETU President for the next 4 years after winning the European Taekwondo Union elections by acclamation.
Thus, President Pragalos will ne the person leading the European Taekwondo during the next Olympic cycle, which will end once the Rio Games are over in 2016. Mr Pragalos will be accompanied by the following coworkers during this new challenge in his professional career:
1 Mr. Iuzefovici, Igor MOLDOVA 52 votes
2 Mr. Fyzentzidis, Michail GREECE 48 votes
3 Mr. Terekhov, Anatoli RUSSIAN FEDERATION 47 votes
Council Members:
1 Mr. Cito, Angelo ITALY 60 votes
2 Mr. Apostol, Constantin ROMANIA 56 votes
3 Mr. Boo, Ferenc SWEDEN 51 votes
4 Mr. Patakfalvy, Miklos HUNGARY 51 votes
5 Mr. Christou, Phivos CYPRUS 50 votes
6 Mr. Holt, Thommas DENMARK 50 votes
7 Mr. Georgiev, Andrei BULGARIA 49 votes
8 Mr. Samadzhiya, Lesik UKRAINE 48 votes
9 Mr. Safarov, Nagi AZERBAIJAN 47 votes
10 Mr. Gheneralov, Artiom MOLDOVA 39 votes
11 Mr. Duymaz, Oktay TURKEY 37 votes
12 Mr. Tranter, Adrian GREAT BRITAIN 37 votes
1 Mr. Padros, Juanjo ANDORRA elected by acclamation
2 Mr. Rajkai, Istvan HUNGARY elected by acclamation
From WTM, we wish President Pragalos and the European Taekwondo in general the best during the next 4 years!

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