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Seong-Tae Kim, new President of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF)

Seong-Tae Kim, new President of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF)

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Seong-Tae Kim, 67, took posession as new President of the Board of Directors of the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) last January 13 in a ceremony held in the Taekwondowon of Muju, located in the South Korean province of Jeonbuk, and which was attended by all the workers of the organization.
The new leader of the TPF will base his mandate in promoting and emphasing the representative areas of the Korean nation. To carry out this purpose, he will need economic injections that will need to be seduced by attractive projects.
Kim will try to optimize the financial resources of the TPF by fixing security and financial independence as his major principles. To improve the employment situation of the employees and conduct a transparent management are among his main concerns.
At the end of the inauguration ceremony, Seong-Tae Kim decided to visit some of the financial and political entities of Jeonbuk, starting to make his way as a new leader and in order to achieve a bright future for the Taekwondowon based on the mutual cooperation between the TPF and these local organizations. The flamboyant new President’s managerial skills was recognized by the entrepreneurs of Jeonbuk.


Kim has an extensive career in the world of Taekwondo, having successfully completed the project of the Taekwondowon and receiving positive opinions in the majority of projects carried out with him as a leader.
Kim was born in Hadong (Gyeongnam) and studied engineering at the University of Hankuk Haeyang. After graduating, he began his successful career at Korwell, a company responsible for managing multiple market sectors in which Joseon corporation acted, as naval engineering, trade and weapons manufacturing. In the end, he was appointed director of Joseon Dongil Shipyard and Dongil Shipping CO.
During his time in the Navy, as well as maturing as a person, he also shook his ties with Taekwondo. He has been the head of the Taekwondo Association of Busan and Vice President of the Daehan Taekwondo Association, but it wasn’t until his appointment as administrator of the Kukkiwon when he consolidated himself as an important member of the Taekwondo community worldwide.
The appointment of Kim was confirmed by the Secretary of the Ministry of culture, education and tourism, Jung-Deok Kim, and will remain effective until January the 1st 2018.

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