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Sheila Radziewicz, Handicapped Black Belt, visit TPF and Kukkiwon

?? Sheila Radziewicz(center) and TPF Chairman Bae Jhong-shin(second from left).

A taekwondo documentary, titled ‘Taekwondo: Unity of Mind, Body, and Life,’ sponsored by Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF), was successfully televised through US national channels such as ESPN, NBC in December 2011. One of the most popular figures appeared in the documentary, Ms. Sheila Radziewicz, the armless 33 years old female black belt, visited Kukkiwon on Feb. 6 and TPF on Feb. 7.

Congenitally, Ms. Radziewicz was born armless with part of hands only on the shoulder. In addition, her steps were unnatural due to lack of knee bones. After practicing taekwondo, however, she has been able to doing Kyukpa, round house kick, and Poomsae.

Ms. Radziewicz started taekwondo practice in 2001 when she attended Arizona University. Since 2007, she put spurs to her practice at taekwondo dojang (studio) in Massachusetts receiving continuous encouragement and enthusiastic coaching from the dojang’s master. Through the hard taekwondo training, she eventually was able to build up a confidence to do anything overcoming congenital handicaps.

Ms. Radziewicz who confirmed the possibility of new life through taekwondo practice said "Taekwondo is not to learn Jireugi (punching) and Chagi (kicking) simply but to learn righteous mind and spirit, consideration for others, and correct ways of life." 
At TPF Chairman Bae Jhong-shin’s request during the visit to TPF, Ms. Radziewicz wrote a special message to young taekwondo practitioners with her handicapped hand: "The impossible only takes a little longer, as my mother has always told me. It is important to believe in yourself because you are capable of anything. All of us have hard days and get down the important thing is to rest a bit and go forward again."

TPF is going to invite Ms. Radziewicz as a special lecturer for the 4th World Youth Taekwondo Camp which will be held in Seoul and Muju, Korea from July 19 to 24, 2012. World Youth Taekwondo Camp is an annual event organized by TPF to provide the young world taekwondo practitioners with a high level taekwondo training and a chance for cultural exchanges. Ms. Radziewicz was presented an award certificate by Kukkiwon.


?? Messgage from Sheila Radziewicz.

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