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Situations of New Zealand Taekwondo

With almost 200 WTF Member National Associations, Taekwondo is growing further as a global sport. However, whereas most of the official events take place in Europe and Asia, participating countries are dispersed all around the globe.

Looking at the world map, the most disadvantaged continent in terms of distance is Oceania. In order to go to Europe they must travel several hours, between one or two days, where they must quickly adapt to the destination’s climate and food. This is not always easy, as the season is already the opposite: when it is winter in Oceania, it is summer in Europe.

In order to overcome these hardships, competitors from Oceania would need a longer time to adapt and train in the host country. Nevertheless, this involves higher costs of accommodation and meals which national federations cannot usually afford to spend.

?? John Schofield, Fund Manager of Taekwondo New Zealand.

John Schofield, Fund Manager of Taekwondo New Zealand, explains that the New Zealand  government does give out funds to sports entities: those with a higher probability of obtaining a gold medal at the Olympics or world championships will be the first to receive the funds – and will get a higher percentage if it is among the top sports. Unfortunately, Taekwondo is still a minority sport – in this country and in many others – and is entitled to a limited amount of money.

Hence, the possibility of having a reasonable adaptation period becomes virtually impossible. Yet, can athletes who are not in their best condition perform well and eventually obtain titles at the competition? It might not be impossible, but it will surely be a handicap for them. But again, without titles, there is less money, and with less money, the lower the chances to obtain a title.

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