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Soo-Nam Park receives Medal from both South Korea and Germany

Soo-Nam Park receives Medal from both South Korea and Germany

– German Medal with Korean nationality, Korean Medal with German Nationality

President of World Children Taekwondo Union, Soo-Nam Park, who was coach of the German Taekwondo National Team for approximately 10 years, worked also as coach of the Austrian National Team, President of BTCB and is now President of the DTU, has set a record by receiving a Medal from the South Korean government following the medal he received from the German government.
The President of the WCTU received the Order of Civil Merit from the Korean government on October 5th, at the award ceremony for overseas Koreans held on the occasion of the 7th Korean Day.
Due to other events in his agenda, Soo-Nam Park could not attend the award ceremony personally, so he was given the Medal in Frankfurt, Germany, by the Consul General Won-Joong Han.
Back in 1988, Soo-Nam Park was awarded with the Iron Cross by the German government. He was the second Korean to receive it, following the renowned composer Isang Yoon, but was actually the first with Korean nationality.

Park with the Iron Cross from the German government back in 1988

This time he was awarded with the Order of Civil Merit, being a German citizen, by the Korean government due to his contribution for the development and growth of Taekwondo overseas.
Since Soo-Nam Park came to Germany in 1975 as the coach of the German National Team, he kept his Korean nationality for 37 years. However, when we was fully supported and elected as DTU President in 2012, the German Sports Ministry recommended him to obtain the German citizenship and he finally did so in 2013.
Soo-Nam Park said “I am happy to be acknowledged for my lifetime efforts to promote and develop Taekwondo. Instead of thinking that I have received this award myself, I consider it as an acknowledgement by the Korean government of all the Taekwondo masters overseas who have been working hard for the diffusion of Taekwondo around the world. It is an honor to have received a medal from both the German and Korean governments thanks to Taekwondo, and I wish to dedicate the rest of my life for Taekwondo’s development as well”.
Despite his busy schedule as the DTU President, he established the World Children Taekwondo Union in 2012 with the strong belief that Taekwondo will help children around the world grow up as healthy citizens.
Furthermore, as a chair-professor at Youngsan University, he is actively supporting his students so that they can have the chance to study at German universities, such as the Sports University of Koln and other universities in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, among others.
Source: World Children Taekwondo Union (WCTU)

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