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Spanish Open 2019 (G-1): Turkey earns the crown with 7 golds

Spanish Open 2019 (G-1): Turkey earns the crown with 7 golds

Local athletes finish in second place after taking 4 titles, while Brazil also stands out with 2

Complete Results: Seniors / Cadets and Juniors

Day 2 – Seniors – Report

Turkey showed a tremendous level of Taekwondo at the 2019 Spanish International Open and led the final standings of the Senior event with no less than 7 gold medals. Local athletes couldn’t earn the first place on the medal count and finished in second place with 4 titles, while Brazil was the other team to reach the top of the podium more than once with 2 golds. USA, Ivory Coast and Russia were the other nations to grab a title in Villarreal on Sunday after bagging 1 gold.

The leaders of the Turkish team in Spain today were:

Ferhat Can, who proved to be the strongest competitor in Men’s -63 kg after defeating the local fighter Caballero by 22-7 in the final match of the draw; Deniz Dagdelen, who reigned in Men’s -58 kg after beating another Spaniard, Canales, thanks to a withdrawal; the world number 1 and reigning world champion, Nur Tatar, who added another Women’s -67 kg title to her collection after edging Titoneli from Brazil by 12-10 in the gold medal fight; Hatice Kubra Ilgun, who had to outscore Araujo from Brazil by a clear 26-8 to climb to the top of the Women’s -57 kg podium; Rukiye Yildirim, who showed herself as the best fighter in the Women’s -49 kg class after getting rid of the local hope, Garcia, by 17-7 in the crucial match; Filiz Ogel, who left no chance for the rest of contestants in Women’s -46 kg to taste glory after defeating Guimaraes from Brazil by 20-11; and Sude Bulut, who dominated the Women’s +73 kg category after beating Adebayo from Russia by 4-0 for the title.

Day 2 – Seniors – Final Podiums

Men’s -87 kg

  1. Icaro Miguel Martins Bra-1556
    Brazil National Team
  2. Hasan Can Lazoglu Tur-6186
    Turkey National Team
  3. Victor Garcia Esp-1801
    Han Kuk (clm)
  4. Ivan Garcia Esp-2171
    Spain National Team

Men’s -80 kg

  1. Ruben Martinez Esp-1738
    Spain National Team
  2. Patrik Pereira Bra-139
  3. David Silva Bra-18
    Two Brothers Team
  4. Raul Martinez Esp-1561
    Spain National Team

Men’s -74 kg

  1. Jon Cintado Esp-2621
  2. Javier Chicote Esp-2088
  3. Baris Dag Tur-2172
    Turkey National Team
  4. Javier Gonzalez Esp-1969
    Spain National Team

Men’s -68 kg

  1. Raul Corredor Esp-3092
    Taeguk Torrejon
  2. Abdullah Sediqi Bel-2241
    Flemish Topsport Team
  3. Hakan Recber Tur-2068
    Turkey National Team
  4. Cj Nickolas Usa-3091
    Usatkd Development Squad

Men’s -63 kg

  1. Ferhat Can Kavurat Tur-2230
    Turkey National Team
  2. Marcos Caballero Esp-1888
    Spain National Team
  3. Adrian Del Esp-2996
    Spain National Team
  4. Joan Jorquera Esp-1725
    Federacio Catalana Taekwondo

Men’s -58 kg

  1. Deniz Dagdelen Tur-1844
    Turkey National Team
  2. Mario Canales Esp-2446
    Cde Sanchez Elez-sanabria
  3. Mohamed Al Oma-1545
    Oman Ntional Team
  4. Kemal Kuluk Tur-2360
    Turkey National Team

Men’s -54 kg

  1. Ismael Mekene Coulibaly Civ-1709
    Ivory Coast National Team
  2. Pablo Gonzalez Esp-1787
    Han Kuk (clm)
  3. Nizar Chidmi Esp-4890
    Club Taekwondo Valle De Egues
  4. Jade Dimayuga Esp-1724
    Sant Pau Jade Taekwondo Centre

Men’s +87 kg

  1. Jonathan Healy Usa-2086
    Usatkd Development Squad
  2. Emre Kutalmis Atesli Tur-2990
    Turkey National Team
  3. Antonio Artal Esp-1730
    Spain National Team
  4. Guilherme Cezário Bra-1549
    Brazil National Team

Women’s -73 kg

  1. Cecilia Castro Esp-1678
    Spain National Team
  2. Maria Espinoza Mex-1502
    Mexico National Team
  3. Raphaella Galacho Bra-1507
    Two Brothers Team
  4. Madelynn Gorman-shore Usa-1689
    Usatkd Development Squad

Women’s -67 kg

  1. Nur Tatar Tur-1545
    Turkey National Team
  2. Milena Titoneli Bra-1677
    Two Brothers Team
  3. Eva Calvo Esp-1528
    Spain National Team
  4. Jone Magdaleno Esp-1744
    Gimnastico Briviesca Spain

Women’s -62 kg

  1. Caroline Santos Bra-2198
    Carol Team
  2. Ikra Kayir Tur-2740
    ?lbank Sk
  3. Nadica Bozanic Srb-1678
    Serbia National Team
  4. Marta Calvo Esp-1584
    Spain National Team

Women’s -57 kg

  1. Hatice Kubra Ilgun Tur-1551
    Turkey National Team
  2. Rafaela Araujo Bra-1508
    Brazil National Team
  3. Kisaran Khallaeva Rus-5646
    Moscow Team
  4. Andrea Bosch Esp-1810
    Spain National Team

Women’s -53 kg

  1. Elizaveta Ryadninskaya Rus-2550
    Dush Bars
  2. Lorena Cabel Esp-2089
    Spain National Team
  3. Celia Tortosa Esp-1535
  4. Anastasija Zolotic Usa-4840
    Usatkd Development Squad

Women’s -49 kg

  1. Rukiye Yildirim Tur-1537
    Turkey National Team
  2. Tania Garcia Esp-1591
    Spain National Team
  3. Sheila Torres Esp-3722
    Federacio Catalana Taekwondo
  4. Irene Laguna Esp-1662
    Cde Sanchez Elez-sanabria

Women’s -46 kg

  1. Filiz Ogel Tur-2350
    Turkey National Team
  2. Dangela Guimarães Bra-1771
  3. Yasmin Chaouani Esp-3919
  4. Sara Cortegoso Esp-1987
    Spain National Team

Women’s +73 kg

  1. Sude Bulut Tur-1859
    Turkey National Team
  2. Kristina Adebaio Rus-3699
    Adebaio Team
  3. Belen Moran Esp-2183
    Spain National Team
  4. Tania Castiñeira Esp-2188
    Spain National Team

Day 1 – Cadets and Juniors – Report

Spanish competitors clearly dominated the Cadet and Junior divisions at their local Open after winning no less than 18 gold medals in the under 14 classes and 13 in the under 18 modality.

In Cadets, Germany was the other only nation to cinch a title with 2, while in Juniors, France managed to step on top of the podium 5 times and Germany 2.

The complete results of the event are availble above this report.

Day 2 – Seniors – Preview

The Senior G-1 category event will take place in Villarreal today Sunday April 14 with 297 world classe athletes from 50 countries in competition. There will be a total of 10 areas for the action to take place and Daedo PSS will be used to help the final score being decided.

Taekwondo stars from Turkey, France, Gabon, Mexico, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Andorra, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Portugal, USA, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Nigeria, Serbia and many more will delight the audience with their best skills. Among them, Joel Gonzalez (ESP), Nur Tatar (TUR), Eva Calvo (ESP), Maria Espinoza (MEX), Irem Yaman (TUR), Anthony Obame (GAB) and Jesus Tortosa (ESP).

Stay tunned to WTM to know the latest information about the event!


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