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Sucre 2012 Recap: Canada wins the race against USA for the medal count

Sucre 2012 Recap: Canada wins the race against USA for the medal count

Canada’s National Team won the close fight against USA and took the first place of the medal count of the 18th Pan American Taekowndo Championships played in the Bolivian city of Sucre with 5 golds, with the Americans collecting only one less and Mexico taking a total of 3 to stand on the lower step of the final podium.
The Canadian stars of such a great battle were Evelyn Gonda (Female’s Feather), Yvette Yong (Female’s Fin), Jade Taillon (Female’s Light), Maxime Potvin (Male’s Light) and Olivier Pineau (Male’s Heavy), who won their respective categories and made the Maple Leaf nation reach the top in Sucre.
The four American golds were taken by Simone Devito (Female’s Bantam), Lauren Hamon (Female’s Middle), Tashi Sherpa (Male’ s Fin) and Jason Neville (Male’s Middle), while the Mexican top medallists were Guadalupe Ruiz (Female’s Heavy), Abel Mendoza (Male’s Bantam) and Idulio Islas (Male’s Feather).
Sucre 2012 outstanded as one of the most exciting and emotional Pan Am’s because of its emotional fight for the top of the medal count. Here`s our Recap of the 3 days of action with all the details you have to know:
– Day 1 (10/10/12)
North American national teams were the clear dominators of the first day of competition of the Pan American Taekwondo Championships running in Sucre (Bolivia) until the end of this week. Mexico won two of the four gold medals of the day, followed by USA and Canada with one gold each.
The two categories chosen to be the focus of the opening day at Sucre were Bantam and Feather. In the Women’s Bantam contest the gold was awarded to the American Simone Devito, who surprised everyone at the Garcilazo Coliseum with an outstanding performance that made her win the title starting as the number 9 seeded. Devito began her journey to gold with a comfortable fight against the Aruban Aischal Van der Lindebeat, whom clearly defeated by 14 to 2, but had to face the favourite and number 1 seeded Ivett Gonda (Canada) already in the second round. The American caused a stir and ended Gonda’s golden dream with an amazing execution (8-3). After beating the great favourite, she seemed to be plenty of confidence and the Colombian Gladys Alicia Mora in the semifinals (5-4) and the Dominican Disnanci Polanco in the final (6-5) couldn´t do anything to stop her. The second bronze medallist was the Mexican Diana Lara Núñez.
But this was not the major surprise of the day. In the Women’s Feather competition, the Canadian Evelyn Gonda lift the title in spite of starting the contest as the worst seeded fighter (13rd). Gonda managed to deal with the American Nicole Palma (10-6) and the Guatemalan Coralia Abadía (5-3) in the first two rounds and had to fight to Doris Patiño, the number 1 seeded and main attraction of the draw, in the semifinal. The Canadian had nothing to lose against Patiño and took advantage of this, leaving all the pressure on the Colombian, who couldn´t handle the situation and lost 5 to 4. Even with Patiño out, the final didn´t look easy for Gonda, as the second seeded, the Chilean Yeny Contreras, had made her way to the crucial fight from the lower part of the draw. But Gonda decided not to be content with the silver medal and completed an amazing combat that appeared to be too much for Contreras (4-1). The Dominican Yelissa Montes was awarded with the other bronze.

Sucre 2012 Opening Ceremony

In Men´s Bantam, the triumphant of the event was Abel Mendoza Mora. The Mexican fighter survived to the Uruguayan Federico González in a very close first round combat (4-3) and got rid of the Argentinean Mauro Crismanich in the second one with a final score of 9 to 6. Mendoza, number 3 seeded, had to face the second favourite of the competition, the Brazilian Marcel Ferreira, in the semis, while the other semifinal of the draw was played between the number 1 seeded (Jairo Rijo, DOM) and the fifth favourite (Olie Burton III, USA). The level was really high, so the Mexican had to give his very best to first knock out Ferreira (2-0) and then defeat Rijo in the big final to reach the gold (4-2). Olie Burton III won the battle for the bronze.
The predictions were met in the Men´s Feather category, with the big favourite and number 1 seeded Idulio Islas Gómez turning to be the gold medallist. However, Islas began the competition far away from his best level and could only beat the Argentinean Jorge Álvarez after winning the golden point round (6-5). This close victory seemed to give him his confidence back and ended up being a turning point for the Mexican. Islas improved his performance and got rid of the American Nathanael Ahlstrom in the second round (10-7) and Luis Colón from Puerto Rico in the semis (7-2) to be in the final, where he showed his best skills to win over the Canadian Siddartha Bhat, whom he defeated by 9 to 6. The Chilean Mario Guerra reached the lower step of the podium taking the bronze medal.
– Day 2 (11/10/12)
Canada and USA national teams took the six gold medals awarded in the second day of competition of the Pan American Taekwondo Championships celebrated in the Bolivian city of Sucre.
The two Northamerican teams won three titles each and overtook Mexico to share the top of the medal standings with a total of 4 golds. Mexico was relegated to the second place with 2 titles.
The main protagonists of the Candian success were Yvette Yong (Female’s Fin), Jade Taillon (Female’s Light) and Maxime Potvin (Male’s Light), while the American heroes were Lauren Hamon (Female’s Middle), Tashi Sherpa (Male’s Fin) and Jason Neville (Male’s Middle).

Male´s Fin podium with Avella, Sherpa, Espinosa and Carroll

– Day 3 (12/10/12)
Colombia’s National Team won two gold medals to shine in the third and last day of competition of the 18th Pan American Taekwondo Championships played in Sucre (Bolivia). Katerine Dumar in the Female’s Welter category and Yair Medina in the Male’s Welter modality took the top of the podium after beating the American Sanaz Shahbazi and the Mexican Sergio Gurrola Álvarez respectively in the final. The bronze medallists of the Welter contest were the Argentinean Alexis Arnold and Sarahi Pérez in the Women’s draw and Juan Sánchez from Puerto Rico and the Argentinean Augustín Álvarez in the Men´s one.
In the Fly category, the titles were awarded to Carola López (Argentina) and Guilherme Dias (Brazil), while the silver medal holders were Margarita Espinoza (México) and Heiner Oviedo (Costa Rica). The winners of the battle for the bronze medals turned out being Julissa Díez from Peru and the American Charlotte Craig in Females and the Colombian Óscar Muñoz and the Dominican César Martínez in Males.


In the Heavy categories, the winners of both draws were the Mexican Guadalupe Ruiz López, who defeated Katherine Rodríguez (Dominican Republic), and the Canadian Olivier Pineau, who won over Kristopher Moiland from Costa Rica. The third step of the podiums was taken by Chanel Nguyen (USA) and Paula Wegscheider (Argentina) in the Females modality and Ocelotzin Sánchez Enríquez (Mexico) and Stephen Lambdin (USA) in Males.
FINAL PODIUMS by category:
Women’s BANTAM (-53 Kg.)
1) Simone Devito (USA)
2) Disnanci Polanco (DOM)
3) Gladys Alicia Mora (COL)
3) Diana Lara Nuñez (MEX)
Men’s BANTAM (-63 Kg.)
1) Abel Mendoza Mora (MEX)
2) Jairo Rijo (DOM)
3) Marcel Ferreira (BRA)
3) Olie Burton III (USA)
Women’s FEATHER (-57 Kg.)
1) Evelyn Gonda (CAN)
2) Yeny Contreras (CHI)
3) Doris Patiño (COL)
3) Yelissa Montes (DOM)
Men’s FEATHER (-68 Kg.)
1) Idulio Islas Gómez (MEX)
2) Siddartha Bhat (CAN)
3) Luis Colon (PUR)
3) Mario Guerra (CHI)
Female’s FIN (-46 Kg.)
1) Yvette Yong (CAN)
2) Katia Arakaki (BRA)
3) Victoria Alvarez (CHI)
3) Itzel Manjarrez Bastidas (MEX)
Male’s FIN (-54 Kg.)
1) Tashi Sherpa (USA)
2) Duvan Avella (COL)
3) Edward Espinoza (DOM)
3) Jackson Carroll (CAN)
Female’s LIGHT (-62 Kg.)
1) Jade Tillon (CAN)
2) Carla Salinas (ARG)
3) Julia Santos (BRA)
3) Paulina Baliñas Lira (MEX)
Male’s LIGHT (-74 Kg.)
1) Maxime Potvin (CAN)
2) Mark López (USA)
3) Wilkin Heredia (DOM)
3) Fernando Garcia (ARG)
Female’s MIDDLE (-73 Kg.)
1) Lauren Hamon (USA)
2) Daysi Montes de Oca (DOM)
3) Sandra Vanegas (COL)
3) Natali Hernandez Correa (MEX)
Male’s FIN (-87 Kg.)
1) Jason Neville (USA)
2) Carlos Liebig (CHI)
3) Marc-André Bergeron (CAN)
3) Moises Molinares (COL)
Men’ s HEAVY (+87 Kg.)
1) Olivier Pineau (CAN)
2) Kristopher Moitland (CRC)
3) Ocelotzin Sánchez Enríquez (MEX)
3) Stephen Lambdin (USA)
Men’s FLY (-58 Kg.)
1) Gilherme Dias (BRA)
2) Heiner Oviedo (CRC)
3) Óscar Muñoz (COL)
4) César Martínez (DOM)
Men’ s WELTER (-80 Kg.)
1) Yair Medina (COL)
2) Sergio Gurrola Álvarez (MEX)
3) Juan Sánchez (PUR)
3) Augustín Álvarez (ARG)
Women’s HEAVY (+73 Kg.)
1) Guadalupe Ruiz López (MEX)
2) Katherine Rodríguez (DOM)
3) Chanel Nguyen (USA)
3) Paula Wegscheider (ARG)
Women’s FLY (-49 Kg.)
1) Carola López (ARG)
2) Margarita Espinoza Morales (MEX)
3) Julisa Díez Canseco (PER)
3) Charlotte Craig (USA)
Women’s WELTER (67 Kg.)
1) Katerine Dumar (COL)
2) Sanaz Shahbazi (USA)
3) Alexis Arnold (ARG)
3) Sarahi Pérez Hernández (MEX)

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