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Swiss Open 2012 wraps up succesfully

Swiss Open 2012 wraps up succesfully

The Swiss Open 2012 concluded yesterday in Lausanne after two days of pure excitement and high class Taekwondo at the Grand-Vennes Sports Centre. The 240 athletes from 45 countries that took part in the competition showed a remarkable level of ability which was notoriously enjoyed by the spectators, who had the chance to watch live one of the famous demonstrations by the Korea TAL (Taekwondo Absolute Legend) as well. Russia, with a remarkable display by Kristina Kim, ended up being the most awarded nation after accumulating a total of 3 gold medals, with Germany, Great Britain, France, Portugal and Azerbaijan (leaded by Ramin Azizov) taking one gold each to complete the table.
The event was attended by a significant number of personalities of the world of Sport, such as Dr Choue, President of the WTF, Ganda Sithole, Director of the IOC’s Department of International Cooperation and Development, and Hein Verbruggen, IOC’s Honorary Member. Mr. Vuilleumier, Lausanne City Sports councilor, was also present in as well. The Swiss Open was also used by the ETU to hold a meeting of its Executive Committee, which took place the day before the start of the competition. The encounter was led by Sakis Pragalos, President of the ETU, and Gerrit Eissink, Secretary General of the ETU, and was attended by several MNA Presidents.

Korea TAL performing at Swiss Open 2012

President Choue’s opening speech
This 3rd edition of the contest was inaugurated with a speech by the President of the WTF, Dr. Chungwon Choue, who highlighted the progress made by the event since its creation in 2010. “This year’s Swiss Open is a perfect example of how the sport of Taekwondo is growing. The first Swiss Open in 2010 brought 140 athletes from 17 countries to this competition. This year, 270 athletes, Olympians and up-and-coming stars of tomorrow, from 45 countries have come here in the spirit of sport, peace and fair-play”, said Choue.
The WTF President made a reference to the future of Taekwondo as an Olympic sport too: “The London 2012 Olympic Games was the greatest competition of our history. Rio 2016 will be even greater, but I say to you athletes of the Swiss Open, your road to the Olympics begins here today”.

View of the Grand-Vennes Sports Centre during President Choue's opening speech

Daedo’s PSS great performance
The two days of intense competition proved Daedo’s PSS as a stable and reliable system again, as it had already shown during the London 2012 Olympics. The Protector and Scoring Sytem of the Spanish company was one of the main centres of attention of the event, as in the previous days, there were some rumours circulating regarding the possibility of the WTF not extending its recognition contract due to the provisional approval of KP&P’s PSS last October 23rd.
Daedo’s PSS recognition contract with the World Taekwondo Federation expires on the next 31st of January 2013. However, the WTF authorities present in Lausanne (President Dr. Choue, Secretary General Dr. Ayer and Competition Director Philippe Bouedo) and even the Secretary General of the KTA (Korean Taekwondo Association) admitted to WTM that its superiority over the other system in the market is a fact and can not be omitted, so they didn´t see any reason why Daedo’s PSS should not continue to be used in future WTF competitions.
The big success of this last edition of the Swiss Open has been properly valued by President Choue, who confirmed it will remain as a G-1 event on the WTF’s 2013 calendar.
Pau Aguilar
These were the complete results of the Swiss Open 2012:
Female’s -49 kg
1. Kim Kristina – RUS
2. Yildirim Rukiye – TUR
3. Volkova Yuliya – UKR
3. Wall Ysmin – ISR
Female’s -57 kg
1. Vander Zwalm Estelle – FRA
2. Glasnovic Nikita – SWE
3. Silutina Daria – RUS
3. Aghakishiyevy Gunay – AZE
Female’s -67 kg
1. Cheshuina Marina – RUS
2. Klaey Nina – SUI
3. Van Baaren Joyce – NED
3. Anic Franka – SLO
Female’s +67 kg
1. Walkden Bianca – GBR
2. Rajher Nusa – SLO
3. Kurtovic Edines – AUT
3. Oogink Reshmie – NED

Female's -67 kg podium

Male’s -58 kg
1. Braganca Rui – POR
2. Tuncat Levent – GER
3. Janmaat Giorgio – NED
3. Islamkhanov Kaiyrzhan – KAZ
Male’s -68 kg
1. Nikitin Vasilii – RUS
2. Aliyev Fariz – AZE
3. Treviso Claudio – ITA
3. Chin Raihau – FRA
Male’s -80 kg
1. Azizov Ramin – AZE
2. Mammadov Elvin – AZE
3. Sari Yunus – TUR
3. Sawadogo Ynoussa – FRA
Male’s +80 kg
1. Celestrin Alberto – GER
2. Wanrooij Jeroen – NED
3. Basile Leonardo – ITA
3. Trajkovic Ivan – SLO

Male’s -58 kg podium

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  1. Dr. Walid YOUNES

    Dear All,
    Thank you all for your presence and participation.
    Congratulations for the winners.
    We will be very honoured to welcome you again in our next edition, Lausanne, 8-9 Juin 2013.
    Organizing Committee Swiss Open


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