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Taekwondo Day? 4th of September!

Every year, the 4th of September is ‘Taekwondo Day’.

Taekwondo Day was created in commemoration of the day in which Taekwondo became an official medal sport in the Olympic Games. It became an official medal sport at the IOC (International Olympic Committee) General Assembly which took place in Paris, France, on the 4th of September of 1994.

The IOC selected Taekwondo as an official medal sport for the Sydney Olympic Games of the year 2000 during the General Assembly at Paris. To celebrate this day, the 4th of September was set in Korea to be ‘Taekwondo Day’ and was assigned to be a legal memorial day.

Accordingly, the main Taekwondo organizations such as the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Kukkiwon, the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, and the Korean Taekwondo Association have been organizing the ‘Taekwondo Day’ event in Seoul alternatively.

This year, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) will organize this event. Kukkiwon, the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, the Korean Taekwondo Association and other Taekwondo organizations will take part in the organization and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Ministry of foreign Affairs and Trade, the City of Seoul, the Province of Jeollabuk-do and the City of Muju, and the Presidential Council on Nation Branding (PCNB), between others, will sponsor this event.

This ‘Taekwondo Day’ will start on the 26th of August and will last 10 days, with the slogan “Shouting Peace in Taekwondo”, as a cultural festival.

On the 26th of August, the ‘Taekwondo Homeland Trek’ will start. It will go from the City of Muju, where the Taekwondo Park will be built in 2013, to Seoul. The participants will walk 240km. During this trek, there will be Taekwondo Cultural Tours and a Campaign for the continuity of Taekwondo as an official medal sport.

On the 3rd of September, there will be a ‘Taekwondo Exhibition Culture Festival’ and a ‘Peace Concert’ which will take place in the Lake Park in Ilsan City. The event, which counts with the participation of the WTF Taekwondo Exhibition Team, along with many other exhibition teams, will be an opportunity to see everything about Taekwondo exhibitions.

The ‘Peace Concert’ will start at 20:00. Their plan is to have famous singers and artists cover the autumn skies of Ilsan with a message of peace through Taekwondo.

The main ‘Taekwondo Day’ Ceremony will take place on the 4th of September at 10:30 a.m. at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel.

During this Ceremony, there will be a Vision Declaration about the Unity of Taekwondoists worldwide, the strengthening phase of Taekwondo, and the permanence of Taekwondo as an official medal sport.

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