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"Taekwondo family members will share the spirit of our sport at Taekwondowon"

"Taekwondo family members will share the spirit of our sport at Taekwondowon"

2013 New Year Message from TPF Chairman Jhong-Shin Bae
In the Snake’s year’s first morning we wish all the Taekwondo family members good health and blessings to your families.
2012 was a significant year for Taekwondo, which consolidated its status as an Olympic sport through a dynamic competition at the London Olympic Games.
Taekwondo has also been loved by the global sports community as it was included in the official program of several multi-sport events such as the Asian Games.
2012 was especially important for Taekwondowon, which started its construction back in 2009 and is now beginning to show its magnificency thanks to the Taekwondo community’s concern.
Taekwondowon will be a place where the Global Taekwondo Community will be able to gather and share the spirit and culture of our sport, where men and women of all ages can experience Taekwondo as part of our culture and the Korean wave.
From TPF, we promise to work hard and to wisely unite the Taekwondo Community for the development of Taekwondo as a worldwide sport and for Taekwondo to remain as an Olympic core sport.
On the first morning of the Snake’s Year,
Taekwondo Promotion Foundation
Chairman Jhong-Shin Bae

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