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German Open 2019 (G-1): China clinches Senior trophy with 4 golds

German Open 2019 (G-1): China clinches Senior trophy with 4 golds

Double Olympic champion Jingyu Wu (CHN) adds a new gold medal to her collection after shining in Women’s -53 kg

German International Taekwondo Open 2019
Hamburg, Germany
30-31 March 2019
G-1 category event

Seniors – Report

China reached the top of the medal count at the 2019 edition of the German International Taekwondo Open, which was held in Hamburg last weekend, after grabbing a total of 4 gold medals in the Senior class. Russia did also perform at a very high level and managed to clinch 3 titles. Poland was the other team to step on top of the podium in more than one occasion with 2 golds, while Kazakhstan, Turkey, Jordan, Brazil, Niger, Croatia and Czech Republic tasted glory once in Germany on Saturday to complete the 16 categories in competition.

The Chinese fighters who won the gold medals for their country were: Tan Xueqin, who proved to be the best competitor in Women’s -46 kg after defeating her compatriot Li; Guo Qing, who became the new Women’s -49 kg champion after getting rid of Yildirim from Turkey in the final; The double Olympic champion Jingyu Wu, who reigned in Women’s -53 kg yet again after beating Kudashova from Russia in the crucial fight; and Guo Yunfei, who stepped on top of the Women’s -67 kg podium after managing to edge her compatriot Song.

Seniors – Final Podiums

Women’s +73 kg

1 Kowalczuk, Aleksandra [R2], (798) D+73 Poland National Team POL

2 Brandl, Lorena, (426) D+73 Tiger And Dragon GER

3 Adebaio, Kristina, (833) D+73 Adebaio Team RUS

3 Tepavac, Ana [R3], (870) D+73 Serbian National Team SRB

Women’s -46 kg

1 Tan, Xueqin, (79) D-46 China CHN

2 Li, Jingwen, (94) D-46 Chinese Henan Team CHN

3 Markova, Vanesa, (1046) D-46 Hereya BUL

3 Pouryounes Langeroudi, Dina [R1], (669)D-46 Koryo Den Haag NED

Women’s -49 kg

1 Guo, Qing, (82) D-49 China CHN

2 Yildirim, Rukiye [R1], (999) D-49 Turkish National Team TUR

3 Gueler, Sueheda [R4], (449) D-49 Tkd Gladbeck GER

3 Hronova, Dominika [R3], (116) D-49 Czech National Team CZE

Women’s -53 kg

1 Wu, Jingyu, (84) China CHN

2 Kudashova, Tatiana [R1], (856) D-53 Russian National Team RUS

3 Wei, Xiaojing [r4], (83) D-53 China CHN

3 Wenren, Yuntao, (80) D-53 China CHN

Women’s -57 kg

1 Adamkiewicz, Patrycja [R1], (796) D-57 Poland National Team POL

2 Zhou, Lijun [r2], (86) D-57 China CHN

3 Luo, Zongshi [r3], (88) D-57 China CHN

3 Tarvida, Jolanta [R5], (652) D-57 Hansu Club Team LAT

Women’s -62 kg

1 Stolbova, Petra, (119) D-62 Czech National Team CZE

2 Hamaidi, Natali, (576) D-62 Jordan National Team JOR

3 Evlampyeva, Elena [R4], (839) D-62 Kometa RUS

3 Yin, Yuanhong, (87) D-62 China CHN

Women’s -67 kg

1 Guo, Yunfei [R3], (89) D-67 China CHN

2 Song, Jie, (90) D-67 China CHN

3 Al Sadeq, Julyana [R2], (577) D-67 Jordan National Team ( President Cup Ira JOR

3 Mc Pherson, Paige [R1], (1021) D-67 Paige Mcpherson

Women’s -73 kg

1 Pole, Doris, (1064) D-73 Tk Dubrava CRO

2 Hadzic, Alema [R3], (235) D-73 Bayerische Taekwondo Union GER

3 Deniz, Cansel [R2], (612) D-73 Kazakhstan National Team KAZ

3 Schneider, Yanna [R1], (491) D-73 Tvbb Elite Berlin GER

Men’s +87 kg

1 Issoufou, Abdoul [R2], (697) H+87 Niger 2019 NIG

2 Aiukaev, Rafail, (862) H+87 Samara Region Psk RUS

3 Kuznetsov, Roman [R3], (834) H+87 Irkutsk Taekwondo Federation RUS

3 Larin, Vladislav [R1], (859) H+87 Russian National Team RUS

Men’s -54 kg

1 Melo, Paulo [r1], (70) H-54 Paulo Melo Team BRA

2 Amadou T, Mahmadou Maharana, (1067)H-54 Bsv Friedrichshafen GER

3 Abdirashev, Sapargali [R4], (603) H-54 Bars Taekwondo Center KAZ

3 Temirkhan, Samat [R3], (638) H-54 Team Mamayev From Shymkent KAZ

Men’s -58 kg

1 Gurtsiev, Georgii [R3], (865) H-58 Vladikavkaz Team RUS

2 Dagdelen, Deniz [R8], (1003) H-58 Turkish National Team TUR

3 Ramos, Gabriel, (1062) H-58 Two Brothers Team BRA

3 Yskak, Yeldos [R7], (614) H-58 Kazakhstan National Team KAZ

Men’s -63 kg

1 Kavurat, Ferhat Can [R2], (1004) H-63 Turkish National Team TUR

2 Xiao, Chen, (98) H-63 Chinese Henan Team CHN

3 Artamonov, Mikhail [R9], (857) H-63 Russian National Team RUS

3 Glasnovic, Leon [R3], (108) H-63 Tkd Marjan CRO

Men’s -68 kg

1 Tcakoev, Sarmat [R2], (866) H-68 Vladikavkaz Team RUS

2 Lbzo, Roslan, (579) H-68 Jordan National Team ( President Cup Ira JOR

3 Chamalidis, Konstantinos [R3], (524) H-68 A.s Filippos Alexandreias GRE

3 Denisenko, Alexey [R1], (855) H-68 Moscow Team RUS

Men’s -74kg

1 Les, Abdussamat, (642) H-74 Team Mamayev From Shymkent KAZ

2 Artyukhov, Dmitriy [R3], (840) H-74 Krasnodar Region Sshor RUS

3 Kozhakhmet, Nurkanat [R2], (641) H-74 Team Mamayev From Shymkent KAZ

3 Mamayev, Nursultan, (640) H-74 Team Mamayev From Shymkent KAZ

Men’s -80 kg

1 Khramtcov, Maksim [R1], (858) H-80 Russian National Team RUS

2 Sawadogo, Faysal, (75) H-80 Burkina Faso National Team BUR

3 Radojkovic, Aleksandar [r4], (10) H-80 Austrian National Team AUT

3 Sajko, David, (873) H-80 Skp Ilyo Tkd Kosice Slovakia SVK

Men’s -87 kg

1 Sadek, Anas, (581) H-87 Jordan National Team JOR

2 Haremza, Krystian, (822) H-87 Uks Hwarang Wrze Nia POL

3 Lazoglu, Hasan Can, (1007) H-87 Turkish National Team TUR

3 Trabelsi, Yassine [R3], (991) H-87 Tunisia National Team TUN


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