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Taekwondo in the future European Games

According to a letter from the European Taekwondo Union to all European MNAs, the European Olympic Committee has finally announced that the European Games will be created soon, after many efforts from the EOC and its President Patrick Hickey to organize a continental games edition just like in Asia and Pan America.

The Games will only count with 16 sports, and thus the European Taekwondo Union is encouraging all taekwondo MNAs to contribute to the inclusion of taekwondo in the European Games.

In the letter, dated March 6th, the ETU informed all MNAs about the EOC’s decision, and asked them to contact their National Olympic Committees to stress the importance of taekwondo in the world of sports and persuade them to include taekwondo in the program of the future European Games.

With the ETU being the largest continental taekwondo association with 49 member countries, the contribution of the European MNAs could be decisive in the inclusion of taekwondo in the European Games.Achieving this would undoubtedly be of great importance for the further diffusion of taekwondo around Europe and the rest of the world.


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