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Update: Korean Taekwondo journalist wakes up from coma at Tunja hospital

Update: Korean Taekwondo journalist wakes up from coma at Tunja hospital

Updated at 16:38 13/12/2012:
The Korean Taekwondo journalist Young-gul Kim, who was in a coma at a local hospital in Tunja, Colombia, since last Sunday December 9th after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, woke up yesterday for the joy of Taekwondo community worldwide. Kim is expected to be transferred to a hospital in Bogotá in the next hours for a new examination and will probably undergo surgery there after the new results are properly analyzed.
Kim’s father and wife are still in Tunja supporting him in this tough moment, an understandable decision that will cost them a high amount of money because of the hospitalization, surgery, transfer and accommodation costs. This has lead Kim’s colleagues at the Korean Taekwondo Journalists Association to launch a campaign to collect funds to help his family in such a difficult situation.
Kim’s dramatic hospitalization has become a popular story within both the population of Tunja and the hospital staff. Even the local media are following the case on a daily basis and are keeping Colombian people updated on it.

Picture of Young-Gul Kim's story in a Colombian newspaper

WTM we’ll keep you posted on Kim’s evolution as soon as things happen. Stay strong Kim!
Story posted on 11/12/2012:
A Taekwondo journalist who went to Tunja, Colombia, to cover the 7th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships has lapsed into unconsciousness after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.
Young-Gul Kim, a journalist of a Korean Taekwondo newspaper, headed to the hospital with a colleague after he started feeling dizzy once the World Poomsae Championships were over on the 9th. He was apparently feeling alright and decided to leave the hospital, but on his way to the hotel he completely lost consciousness and was immediately taken back to the hospital emergency unit.
The main doctors of the hospital were already off duty so emergency measures were taken and Kim was given a sleeping injection. On the next day, the specialists of the same hospital diagnosed him a cerebral hemorrhage.
Kim remains unconscious for more than 24 hours since he was taken to the emergency unit.
Some doctors think that Kim should have surgery in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, rather than in Tunja, but no decision has been made yet as the transit time between both cities is 3 hours and the trip could be dangerous for the patient.
WTF President Chungwon Choue gave direct orders to the WTF headquarters so that the family could be immediately notified. Kim’s father and wife have been able to travel to Colombia with the WTF’s help.
The Korean Poomsae National Team had to leave due to their schedules but they all urgently held a friendly lead for Kim’s hospital expenses.
One of Kim’s colleagues and a WTF employee have stayed with Kim at the hospital. Surgery is expected to take place once the family arrives and then they will decide whether he should be treated further either in Tunja or in Bogota.
Kim and his family need local support at this moment.
[WTM Sung Jin Park]

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  1. Yennifer1

    La veracidad de los hechos debe indagarse con las personas que atendieron al paciente en su momento, no todo lo que se dice es cierto,


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