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Taekwondo, key to Ibrahimovic's last amazing goal

Taekwondo, key to Ibrahimovic's last amazing goal

Last November 14th, the national football team of Sweden inaugurated its new home Stadium in north Stockholm (Friends Arena) with a match against England. It was certainly a friendly game, but it ended up being unforgettable for every football fan around the world. Why? Not because of the excitement of the match, which was finally won by the Swedish by 4-2 after being 1-2 down at half time. Neither because it was also England who played Sweden in 1937 for the inauguration of the soon-to-be-demolished Rasunda Stadium, the home of Swedish football for the last 75 years. The reason that will make this game go down in history was local idol Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s spectacular 4th goal, a sensational strike that wouldn’t have been possible without Taekwondo.
Ibrahimovic, Sweden’s best football player ever and author of the 4 goals scored by his country last week, earned a black-belt in Taekwondo at 17 when he was a frequent practiser of our Sport at the Enighet club, located in his hometown Malmö. Zlatan, who declared “my first sportive love was Taekwondo” when he was given an honorary black-belt by the Italian Taekwondo Federation (FIT) in 2010, combined both football and our Sport until that age, when he had to focus exclusively on the ball sport to in order to build his successful career. However, Taekwondo is still reflected on Zlatan’s performance on the field nowadays, as many footy experts agree on highlighting his flexibility as one of his greatest assets.
An outstanding flexibility which Taekwondo classes undoubtedly help to develop. The best example of this sportive communion is Ibra’s fourth goal against England last week. Enjoy!

Pau Aguilar

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    plase provide me news for upcomeing taekwondo championship in India


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