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"Taekwondo will experience a big development in Africa in 2013"

"Taekwondo will experience a big development in Africa in 2013"

AFTU President Gen. Fouly’s New Year Message
Dear Taekwondo Family World Wide,
Let me introduce to you the warmth greetings for the new year 2013 hopping that it would be a new beginning for another year of challenging to success and development for Taekwondo in the whole world, working from my position in the World Taekwondo Federation and in the African Taekwondo Union doing the best with my friends and Taekwondo Family members and the leadership of Dr. Chongwon Choue, to raise the principles of the Taekwondo and the Olympic movement over the journey of success for the Taekwondo.
I believe that 2013 will have a big development of Taekwondo in the World, and will watch a major steps for the progress of Taekwondo in Africa which I am honored of its Presidency with the efforts of our African Taekwondo Family from the Board Members and all the African National Taekwondo Federations and Associations Leaderships.
Best wishes to all for the new year.
Gen. Ahmed Fouly
President African Taekwondo Union (AFTU), Vice President World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)
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  1. alphonce

    i have been training here in zimbabwe from 2003 up to date but havent got the master who can grade me to get a dan certificate wha t should i do

  2. Frankline Muranda

    Greetings dear sir.. I am Kenyan with great passion for Taekwon Do. I hope one day to be president of African Taekwon do Union to improve and change the face of African Taekwon Do and move to even more greater heights just the way you are doing.. Please sir help me out in acquiring more knowledge about Taekwon Do


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