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Taekwondowon promotion through Facebook

Taekwondowon promotion through Facebook

The Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) has been carrying out a Facebook event during the Korea Open in order to promote the Taekwondowon to both International and Korean athletes.
Participants only need to upload a photo of their most memorable scene from the Korea Open on Taekwondowon’s Facebook page ( Various prizes have been prepared for them: a traveler luggage for the 1st place, 3 USB flash drives (8GB) for the 2nd place and 16 money clips for the 3rd place.
The TPF is planning to launch several online events to promote the Taekwondowon, which will be completed in June 2013.
The Taekwondowon is being built in Ilwon (Muju, South Korea) and aims to be the center of Taekwondo education, training and research, a place where
Taekwondo’s spirit and culture can be shared by all visitors.
The total area will be 2,314k㎡ and will be divided in three areas:

– Body (a space for experience): Visitors will be able to experience Taekwondo through exhibitions, an outdoor training center, a Taekwondo venue and a Poomsae sculpture park, among others.
– Mind (a space for training): Taekwondoists will be able to train in a Korean traditional garden, at the World Taekwondo Academy and a Taekwondo training center. There will also be a Taekwondo research center.
– Spirit (a symbolic space): Taekwondo’s spirit will be felt at the Taekwon-jeon, Myungjin-kwan, Hall of honor, Water terrace and at the Observatory.
The TPF is in charge of Taekwondowon’s construction and management. Its first chairman was Asian Taekwondo Union’s president Dai-Soon Lee, who strengthened the basis of the Foundation, and was succeeded by Jong-Shin Bae, former vice-minister of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
The official opening ceremony of the Taekwondowon is scheduled for 2013 Taekwondo day (September 4th). Further information can be found on

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