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Taipei 2014 WTF World Junior Championships – Day 2: 5 more titles, 5 new winners (Croatia, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Russia and Spain)

Taipei 2014 WTF World Junior Championships – Day 2: 5 more titles, 5 new winners (Croatia, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Russia and Spain)

Croatia, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Russia and Spain won their first gold medal at Taipei 2014 World Junior Championships on the second day of action of the event, which is being played at Taipei Arena since yestarday and until next Wednesday March 26th. That means all 10 titles awarded so far have been taken by 10 different nations, which proves Taekwondo as a universal and global sport.
The first final of Taipei WJC 2014 Day 2 confronted Sang-Eun Park from Korea and Fatemeh Omouriharis from Iran, who battled for the Women’s -44 kg gold. Park started the clash with a very high attacking pace, which gave her a 1 point lead at the end of the first round (1-0). The Iranian representative had time to think about changing her tactics during the break and came back strngly at the beginning of the 2nd period, gaining a 2-1 lead with only 1 and a half minutes to play. However, Park managed to level the match again in the last momperiod. Time for the sudden death point, which ended without any points on the scoreboard, leaving the final decision in hands of the officials, who decided to give Park the victory. Emma Lee Di Giovanni (CAN) and Katie Bradley (GBR) had to content themselves with the bronze.

Female's -44 kg podium

The first male champion of the evening was the Russian Khlaid Muzaev , who defeated the Azerbaijani Salid Guliyev in the sudden death period. Both players were frightened of each other in the first round, being incapable of completing any right action in the first minute and a half. The man to inaugurate the score was Guliyev, who connected a precise right body kick. This seemed to wake Muzaev up, as he instantly reacted levelling the match up yet again. 1-1 at the end of the middle round and everything to be decided in the last period, in which both fighters gave their best to tie 4-4 thanks to the Russian’s late consecutive chest kick. In the extra time, the Russian needed only 15 seconds to find Guliyev’s body again to became the new -73 kg champion. The Ukrainian Iurii Savenko and Isamel Bouzid from France completed an excellent pathway to the semis, being awarded with the bronze.

Male's -73 kg podium

In the Female’s -63 kg final, the Croatian representative, Matea Jelic, proved to be the best fighter of the division, comfortably beating Vanessa Koerndl from Germany by 14-7. Jelic gave no chance to the German, scoring the first head kick of the match right after the referee’s kick off, taking a 3-0 lead that moved to 4-1 at the end of the first round. The second period was similar, with Jelic extending her advantage to 5. And so was the third, where she managed to score 5 more points to finish it 14-7. A superb performance by Jelic and a great job from Koerndl throughout the day. They were accompanied by Axelle Attoumani (FRA) and Kristina Prokudina (RUS) in the podium, winners of the bronze medals of the category.

Female's -63 kg podium

The next big clash of the evening was the Men’s -51 kg, in which the Spaniard Jesús Tortosa, who had already won the silver medal at Nanjing 2014 YOG qualifiers, became the new world champion after getting rid of JAe-Ha Seo from Korea by 4-2. Seo started better than Tortosa, being the only athlete to score in the first period (1-0). Tortosa knew it was time to attack, but he could only tie the match in the second round, which finished 1-1. In the last 1:30 minutes, the Spaniard connected a tremendous right head kick with few seconds to go that ended up being the key of the clash (4-2). Antonio Flecca (ITA) and Abderahmane Bechaa (FRA) were the bronze medallists of the division.

Male's -51 kg podium

Time for the awaited match of the session, the Men’s -48 kg final, with the participation of the local idol, Chen Yu Wang (TPE), and the spectacular Artur Kim from Kazakhstan. Wang did not want to let his compatriots in the crowd down, making a strong start that gave him a 3-2 lead in the first round. Kim tried to react with his jumping offensive style, but Wang denfended well to remain in the lead by 7-4 with 1 and a half minutes to be played. The Kazakhstani was more accurate at the beginning of the third period, getting closer to the local hope with only 20 seconds left 7-6, but Wang’s 2 consecutive head kicks were too much for him. In the end, 13-6 to the local representative. Valentin Khegay from Uzbekistan and Machario Patti from Netherlands were awarded with the bronze.

Male's -48 kg podium

Final podiums:

Women’s -44 kg

1 – Sang-Eun Park (KOR)
2 – Fatemeh Omouriharis (IRI)
3 – Emma Lee Di Giovanni (CAN)
3 – Katie Bradley (GBR)
Women’s -63 kg

1 – Matea Jelic (CRO)
2 – Vanessa Koerndl (GER)
3 – Axelle Attoumani (FRA)
3 – Kristina Prokudina (RUS)
Men’s -73 kg

1 – Khlaid Muzaev (RUS)
2 – Salid Guliyev (AZE)
3 – Iurii Savenko (UKR)
3 – Isamel Bouzid (FRA)
Men’s -51 kg

1 – Jesús Tortosa (ESP)
2 – Jae-Ha Seo (KOR)
3 – Antonio Flecca (ITA)
3 – Abderahmane Bechaa (FRA)
Men’s -48 kg

1 – Chen Yu Wang (TPE)
2 – Artur Kim (KAZ)
3 – Valentin Khegay (UZB)
3 – Machario Patti (NED)

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