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Taiwan, overall women’s winner at the Asian Taekwondo Championships

Taiwan, overall women’s winner at the Asian Taekwondo Championships

Korea wins in overall men’s category, but fails in women’s.
Taiwan won over China and Korea as overall women’s winner at the 20th Asian Taekwondo Championships that concluded on May 11.
The total score obtained by Taiwan was of 63 with 4 gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal. The gold medalists were Wei-Chun Liao in -46kg, Shu-Chun Yang in -49kg, Li-Cheng Tseng in -57kg, and Yann-Yeu Chen in -67kg. The second place went to China, which obtained 47 points with 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals.
The third place went to Korea, which only won 1 gold medal. Although London 2012 participants Kyung-Seon Hwang (-67kg) and In-Jong Lee(-73kg) were among the 6 Korean female athletes who participated, Korea only clinched 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.
In the men’s categories Korea won 4 gold medals and a silver medal, keeping Korean pride. However,Korea’s results are still worrisome due to the fact that these were Asian and not World Championships.
It is not the first time that Korea performs poorly in an international competition. After the implementation of the electronic protectors (PSS), Korea has lost repeatedly against Iran, China and other countries in the men’s and women’s categories.
The electronic protector is considered to be one of the main causes of Korea’s poor results. Currently, Korea is using non-WTF recognized KP&P electronic protectors in most of national competitions. KP&P was even used during the selection process of the athletes that participated in this competition.
Despite some voices criticizing the use of KP&P for the selection of athletes to participate in international competitions, the Korea Taekwondo Association is still supporting the use of such brand. These opinions are expected to spread after this competition’s results.
Another cause of the results is thought to be the passive and defensive style of the Korean athletes. As opposed to those athletes who attack first, Korean athletes, although experienced, are more used to counter-attack. Many of their opponents already know this and come prepared, as happened in this competition.
In the men’s categories, Iran, Jordan, Vietnam and Thailand followed Korea with 1 gold medal each.
Some characteristics of this competition were the strength of China and Taiwan and the remarkable results obtained by Jordan at the Junior and Senior competitions, where it clinched gold medals in both women’s and men’s categories.
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, was host city of the Junior & Senior poomsae and Junior & Senior sparring competitions during 8 days.[:]

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