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TAL Legend of Korea, well received on its European Tour

The Taekwondo cultural performance ‘TAL’ is receiving good reviews on its European Tour.

TAL is a non-verbal martial arts performance designed by the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), in order to create a new cultural genre from taekwondo.

As part of the efforts to keep taekwondo as an official Olympic sport, the KTA has organized a TAL World Tour in 2012. The group started touring Europe on April 23rd at UNESCO in Paris, France, and on the 28th had a successful performance in Madrid, Spain.

The performance received a fervent response in both cities.

On April 23rd the first European performance at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, attracted around 1,300 people from Paris and UNESCO ambassadors and diplomats from 29 nations including Canada, Australia, China, Switzerland, and Belgium.

The TAL performance goes beyond breaking, poomsae and simple taekwondo demonstrations – it is a new expression of taekwondo developed within a mythical plot.

Such performance, which also includes traditional taekwondo demonstrations, received a great response from the public in Paris.

The performance had the same success in Madrid, Spain, on April 28th. The chosen place was the stadium in Alcobendas, and it attracted around 3,000 people, including 15 resident ambassadors, and people related to sports and to the Spanish Taekwondo Federation (FET). 
The public in Spain, the country of passion, showed an enthusiastic response to the impressive performance blending taekwondo, music, lights and tradition; carried out by more than 40 sportsmen, musicians and artists.

This was the second TAL performance in Spain, after the first visit in November 2011 to Alicante. After the great success in November, the FET requested a second visit that was possible thanks to the collaboration between Samsung, the Korean Cultural Center, the Korean Embassy in Madrid and the Korea Taekwondo Association.

The TAL World Tour 2012 includes cities such as Roma, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Singapore.    


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