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Tashkent 2019 World Taekwondo Cadet Champs – Day 4: Iran certifies dominance with 6 golds

Tashkent 2019 World Taekwondo Cadet Champs – Day 4: Iran certifies dominance with 6 golds

Russia grabs 4th title to overtake Thailand as Ukraine takes 2nd gold and Turkey wins 1st

Draws: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4

Complete Results: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4

Day 4 – Report

Iran collected two more titles on the closing day to make a total of 6 and finished on top of the medal count at Tashkent 2019 World Taekwondo Cadet Championships. Russia added another gold medal to its collection of the event and finished with 4, overtaking Thailand in the second place. Ukraine tasted gold for the second time in Tashkent, while Turkey clinched its first title in the last day of competition.

The two Iranian representatives to confirm the dominance of its country were: Parnia Salmani, who recahed the top of the podium in Women’s -37 kg after defeating Sikhen from Thailand in the gold medal match by a close 21-18; and Abolfazl Abbasi Pouya, who proved to be the best in Men’s -61 kg after getting rid of Bevel from USA by a comfortable 33-11 in the big final of the draw.

Day 4 – Final Podiums

Women’s +59 kg

1 – KAVUKCUOGLU Zehra Begum Gold (TUR)
2 – MILIUSHCHANKAVA Daniela Silver (BLR)
3 – CHIN I Chun Bronze (TPE)
3 – JANG Hyeonji Bronze (KOR)

Women’s -37 kg

1 – SALMANI Parnia Gold (IRI)
2 – SIKHEN Kamonchanok Silver (THA)
3 – ABUBAKIR Assel Bronze (KAZ)
3 – VITKO Yulia Bronze (BLR)

Men’s -49 kg

1 – KOROLEV Kirill Gold (RUS)
2 – TUBTIMDANG Banlung Silver (THA)
3 – MALEKI Amirhossein Bronze (EGY)
3 – OSAMA HUSSEIEN Mohamed Bronze (IRI)

Men’s -57 kg

1 – MIRZOIEV Simur Gold (UKR)
2 – CHANG Feng-Yin Silver (TPE)
3 – BOURIEL Ayoub Bronze (CAN)
3 – KAYA Hakan Bronze (TUR)

Men’s -61 kg

1 – ABBASI POUYA Abolfazl Gold (IRI)
2 – BEVEL AidenSilver (USA)
3 – CHEN Chia-ShengBronze (TPE)
3 – HASSAN AbarkanBronze (MAR)

Day 3 – Report

Iran added to more gold medals to its collection on Friday to make a total of 4 and overtook Thailand on the medal count of the event. Russia grabbed its 3rd title in Tashkent and tied with Thailand in the second place of the overall standings. USA and Uzbekistan clnched their frst gold at the 2019 World Taekwondo Cadet Championships on this third day of action.

The two Iranian athlets to climbed to the highest step of the podium on Friday were: Sanaz Abbaspour Fazlabad, who left no hance for the rest of contestants in Women’s -44 kg to taste glory after edging Adilbekyzy from Kazakhstan in the final match of the division by a comfortable 25-2; and Pouneh Jafar Salehi, who proved to be the best in Women’s -55 kg after beating Kim from Korea by a clear 21-1.

Day 3 – Final Podiums

Men’s -41 kg

1 – Gold KARIMOV Zafarbek UZB – Uzbekistan
2 – Silver NOROUZI Amirhossein IRI – Islamic Republic of Iran
3 – Bronze CHAN Tzu-I TPE – Chinese Taipei
3 – Bronze MARTINE Ryan HAI – Haiti

Men’s -45 kg

1 – Gold GARBUZ Sviatoslav RUS – Russian Federation
2 – Silver KRAJISNIK Zarko SRB – Serbia
3 – Bronze MALO GUTIERREZ Eduardo MEX – Mexico
3 – Bronze YASER ISMAIL Omar PLE – Palestine

Women’s -44 kg

1 – Gold ABBASPOUR FAZLABAD Sanaz IRI – Islamic Republic of Iran
2 – Silver ADILBEKKYZY Aisha KAZ – Kazakhstan
3 – Bronze CHAARI Sarah BEL – Belgium
3 – Bronze HERNANDEZ VAZQUEZ Elsa ESP – Spain

Women’s -55 kg

1 – Gold JAFAR SALEHI Pouneh IRI – Islamic Republic of Iran
2 – Silver KIM Jiyeon KOR – Republic of Korea
3 – Bronze LAZUTA Vitaliya BLR – Belarus
3 – Bronze YAO Pei-Yu TPE – Chinese Taipei

Women’s -59 kg

1 – Gold LEE Ava USA – United States of America
2 – Silver GHAHREMANI MAHID Setayesh IRI – Islamic Republic of Iran
3 – Bronze KULAKOVSKAIA Daria RUS – Russian Federation
3 – Bronze VALBUENA SANCHEZ Neus ESP – Spain

Day 2 – Report

Thailand bagged its third gold medal on the second day of competition of the 2019 World Taekwondo Cadet Championships, which are being held in the city of Tashkent, in Uzbekistan, to continue on top of the medal count with only 2 more days to go.

Iran collected 2 titltes on Thursday, while Russia added 1 more to its collection to reach a total of 2 as well. Ukraine was the other nation to step on top of the podium with 1 gold.

The third Thai fighter to taste glory in Tashkent was Ittiporn Sinsang, who dominated the Men’s -37 kg division after beating Akhmetov from Russia in the crucial fight of the draw by 21-14.

The two Iran representatives who climbed to the top of the podium on Thursday were: Zahra Zarin Naal Sheikhani, who proved to be the strongest competitor in Women’s -41 kg after defeating Sukhamon from Thailand by 39-28; and Mobina Bakhshi, who outscored Mendivelso from Colombia in the Women’s -47 kg class final by a close 15-14 to collect the second title for her country in the event.

Day 2 – Final Podiums

Men’s -33 kg

1 – Maksym Manenkov (UKR)
2 – Minkyu Park (KOR)
3 – Mukhammadamin Aliev (UZB)
3 – Danila Goncharov (RUS)

Men’s -37 kg

1 – Ittiporn Sinsang (THA)
2 – Damir Akhmetov (RUS)
3 – Pooyan Jafarsalehi (IRI)
3 – Aliaksandr Kazliou (BLR)

Men’s -53 kg

1 – Ramazan Ramazanov (RUS)
2 – Denis Dimitrov (BUL)
3 – Nizami Hajiyev (AZE)
3 – Amirhossein Mataji Nimvar (IRI)

Women’s -41 kg

1 – Zahra Zarin Naal Sheikhani (IRI)
2 – Pacharaporn Sukhamon (THA)
3 – Zeynep Nur Saricicek (TUR)
3 – Tiarnagh Sweeney (AUS)

Women’s -47 kg

1 – Mobina Bakhshi (IRI)
2 – Natalia Andrea Mendivelso (COL)
3 – Chih Yun Chiang (TPE)
3 – Beth Christy (GBR)

Day 1 – Report

Thailand was the only nation to step on the top of the podium more than once during the first day of competition at Tashkent 2019 World Taekwondo Cadet Championships, which kicked off on Wednesday in Kazakhstan’s capital. Thai athletes won 2 gold medals, with Russia, Mexico and Iran grabbing the other 3 titles.

The two golden fighters for Thailand on Wednesday were: Natkamon Wassana, who reigned in Women’s -33 kg after getting rid of Eremina from Russia in the big final by a clear 27-9; and Waranya Talatngoen, who proved to be the best in Women’s -29 kg after edging Sin from Korea by a comfortable 29-13.

Day 1 – Final Podiums

Men’s -65 kg

1 – ZAGORULKO Andrei (RUS)
2 – CHANG Jui-En (TPE)
3 – LEHARTEL Ariihei (FPO)
3 – KIM Chanyoung (KOR)

Men’s -65 kg

1 – MARTINEZ AYALA Juan Carlos (MEX)
2 – SKUDRIT Ivan (RUS)
3 – TAHERKHANI Mohammad Mahdi (IRI)

Women’s -29 kg

1 – TALATNGOEN Waranya (THA)
2 – SIN Su-In (KOR)
3 – GURBUZ Hayrunnisa (TUR)
3 – CHOI Ashley (USA)

Women’s -33 kg

1 – WASSANA Natkamon (THA)
2 – EREMINA Viktoriya (RUS)
3 – SUNDETBAY Aidana (KAZ)
3 – MANGIN Tachiana Kezhia (PHI)

Women’s -51 kg

2 – KIM Gahyeon (KOR)


The Tashkent 2019 World Taekwondo Cadet Championships kicks off on August 7, and runs through to August 10.

Some 550 athletes, aged from 12 to14 will gather to do battle Uzbekistan’s capital, the historic city of Tashkent, accompanied by 285 officials. In all, 64 countries and plus one refugee team will be represented on the mats in Tashkent’s Universal Sports Palace.

Among the players will be Syrian refugee Mohamad Mahmoud, who is based in Germany and fights in the men -41kg category. He will represent a refugee team that will fight under the WT flag.

Twenty weight categories will be contested. There will be ten women divisions (-29kg, -33kg, -37kg, -41kg, -44kg, -47kg, -51kg, -55kg, -59kg, +59kg) and ten men divisions (-33kg, -37kg, -41kg, -45kg, -49kg, -53kg, -57kg, -61kg, -65kg, +65kg).

Tashkent 2019 is the WT’s fourth cadet championships: The first was held in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2014; the second was in Muju, Korea, in 2015; the third took place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in 2017. For the first time, PSS headgear, which is now standard in the adult game, will be used at a Cadet Championships.

The event, while offering pundits a close-up look at the sport’s up-and-coming talent pipeline, will also offer many of the young athletes their first world-level experience.

“The championships offer your young players excellent, early experience on the global stage as they prepare to move up to the junior-level international circuit,” said WT President Chungwon Choue. “It will also be an opportunity for our athletes to forge cross-border friendships that, in many cases, will last for their entire competitive careers.”



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